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Why Creating Content is The Best Investment in Your Company – Content Marketing Strategy

May 17, 2013 12 Comments

Content marketing is a very simple concept. Why? Because the Internet is based on content. People are online because they are searching for content. They are interacting with each other and sharing content. Content is everywhere, which is the main reason people are on the Internet in the first place. People create content, share it, […]

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Make Money Blogging: Tips on How to Make Money Creating Content

May 16, 2013 60 Comments

If you like creating content you can make money online. Period. The need of content is one of the basic things on the Internet which will last forever. After all, that is what the Internet is about: content. So it is a basic need of every website owner. If you like writing you are already […]

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Blogging Tips: How To Use PLR Articles

May 15, 2013 1 Comment

Before the Panda Google Update, PLR content was all older age. Why shouldn’t it be? After all, it’s quite a bit of a hassle having to write new fresh content if you don’t like much to write. I wouldn’t recommend though to buy tons of PLR Articles and post it on your blog as it […]

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