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Get attention with the right Headlines for your Blog Posts

May 28, 2013 1 Comment

Blog posts need great headlines – just like sales letters, newspaper articles and any other medium where you’re competing for attention. Think of yourself: Why do you read a post or an article in the newspaper ? Yes, because of a great headline and a short introduction that both catch your attention. If you want to […]

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Is article marketing still worth doing?

May 27, 2013 0 Comments

Several years ago, it was so easy to make money online that there was a term coined called “bum marketing.” In other words, you can be a complete bum with no money, no assets, no resources, only an internet connection and still make money. All you needed to do was to be able to get […]

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How to Choose Profitable Blog Topics

May 20, 2013 1 Comment

The famous Chinese general, Sun Tzu, once taught that if you want to win, you have to pick the right battles. This cannot be said enough. It applies to relationships, school, work, and business. Since blogging is a form of online business, it definitely applies to it. If you want to be successful blogging for […]

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