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What Is Slideshare And How I Use It For My Business

September 2, 2013 2 Comments

To be honest with you upfront: So far I haven’t created tons of Powerpoint presentations. But I have and they are pretty easy to accomplish even if you have never done a lot with Powerpoint¬†or Keynote¬†on the Mac. Saying that here upfront just means that you can do it as well, even if you have […]

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How To Use Slideshare To Market Your Blog

May 7, 2013 1 Comment

If pictures are worth a thousand words and videos are worth thousands of pictures, then a slide show probably takes the cake in terms of communication capabilities. Depending on the topic, a slide show might be more flexible than a video. Slide shows let you draw attention to certain points. They let you emphasize. They […]

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Leveraging Content On Slideshare

April 14, 2013 0 Comments

I always thought I was a video addict because I love recording screencasts and share what I have learned with you. But yesterday I put together my first slideshow on Keynote (Mac’s answer to Powerpoint – it actually doesn’t matter what you use). I really had FUN. I put together the different slides, added images, […]

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