What is Affiliate Marketing?

September 26, 2012 0 Comments

Affiliate Marketing is a commission based model to earn money selling other people’s products.

When you do affiliate marketing you get a specific link from a merchant of your choice. This link contains your partner ID so the merchant can identify who has sold the product. With your help, the merchant got a new customer and sends you a commission for your recommendation.

In short:

  • I am convinced about a product
  • I write an article/record a video (be creative here!)  about the product and tell my readers about its advantages and disadvantages
  • I ask the customer to buy the product through my link which contains the affiliate code
  • The customer purchases the product
  • The vendor sends a commission to me 😀
Affiliate Marketing makes sense once you found out how it works (this is what we teach here at LivingForMondays, check here). Earning money with affiliate marketing is really fun! Also, have a look at our video where we describe in more detail how affiliate marketing works. No worries, you can quickly start creating the cornerstones of your business.

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