8 Ways To Avoid Thinking That The Next Online Business Idea Will Fail

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business-ideaIn his latest post, Caleb Wojcik asks the Think Traffic readers “What is holding you back from online success?”.
It was kinda surprising to read the answers. Surprising, because I found many answers are the same I just typed in the comment box. I got up at 3.30 am today. I couldn’t sleep. I was worried. I kept thinking “Am I doing the right thing? Did I choose the right niche? Do we really need another website about making money online?”

To be honest, after reading the post I’m more convinced than ever that we do the right thing. Not that we actually need another “Make money online site” – there are plenty in that niche. But maybe we need another, which teaches making money online with our passion for it. Five years ago, when I started my first digital scrapbooking site, I had nothing but a true passion for the subject. I simply wanted to succeed. I wanted to have a digital scrapbooking site, a store and plenty designers, who would sell at the site. I deeply wanted a forum to be in contact with my friends from the digital scrapbooking world, I wanted a gallery to see their layouts and I wanted to be the owner of the site. I so deeply wanted it that I dedicated every single minute of my free-time towards it – first, it definitely wasn’t for the money, just for the passion.

But there was one day that I started. I started without thinking about what all could go wrong. I simply didn’t worry about that. I just started. I just enjoyed the process. I just wanted it deeply and so I just did it.

After learning about what all could go wrong I realized that most probably I could fail. I never considered I would before. If nothing else my digital scrapbooking site brought me GREAT friends, a holiday in California, a friend in California and a friend in New Zealand. That would be plenty already. But actually it also makes me a full-time income, which allowed  me to quit my day job and which allows my Mum to earn her money also much easier than before.

Wouldn’t you agree that this is plenty for a small digital scrapbooking site? If you like, you can read our full story here. And – if a digital scrapbooking site can do that – how much more is in it with a broader niche? This thought really makes me excited because I think there are a lot more people in the english speaking countries and in the german speaking countries who like to make a living online than do some scrapbooking…

I also need to keep in mind that there was actually one day I took the first step. And what is holding you and me and anyone back is actually the fear that we could fail. But what, if we don’t?

And no, we won’t. In one case or the other we will always profit from this experience. So I will stop to worry about failing. I will simply trust in the fact that if I could do it with a digital scrapbooking site I can do it with another passion I have – teaching others how to make money online. So as you can see although I’m already making a living online I still worry always about my newest project failing. It’s nothing unique, it’s nothing, which just happens in your mind.

So what will I do to avoid this thinking in future?

  1. I treat my new business venture like a ‘hobby’ I simply want to spend all my free time on because I LOVE doing it!
  2. I try to make my product and my site as nice as possible because I want to be proud of me (us) and I want others to love this place as much as I do
  3. I will trust in God and that He is going to lead me the right path
  4. I will work through my To-Do list every day, if not, I won’t feel bad but get it accomplished the next day 😀
  5. The earth won’t go down if I do not launch our membership site on February, 6th – February, 7th is fine as well LOL
  6. I will relax at least for 30 minutes per day and stop thinking about the site
  7. I will put my users first. Always. This way I’ll be always on the right track
  8. There is a life after failure: Even if this website sucks and I will never get the invested money back, I just move on to the next project. There will be something else for me to do in this life to help people

Some people might think that this is not ethic stuff but I am really inspired by watching and reading ‘The Secret’. If nothing else, it inspires me to create positive thoughts.

Do you have similar thoughts on your mind? If so, please share in the comments below. I think it truly helps to know that we are not alone. What do you do to avoid this thinking?

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