(3) Install Genesis And The Lifestyle Childtheme

January 12, 2013 0 Comments

For several reasons such as a well written code the Genesis Framework is the WordPress Theme we recommend and work with ourselves. It won’t help you to build your blog on a theme, which is not well-programmed and not search engine friendly. So we highly recommend that you invest into Genesis and the Lifestyle Childtheme.

Start the video and click on the monitor icon on the bottom right to increase the size of the video to full screen.

If you want to get a free theme anyway you can find 1000s at WordPress.org. I don’t say that they all are bad but building a solid business means also building it on a solid code – after all, the data will be your business. And imagine your site gets hacked because the programmer of the free theme decides that is is no longer worth being updated. Right, you need to change your theme anyway.

Here you find the Genesis Framework

Here you find Hundenest.com, which served as an example in the video.

I’m also talking about updating WordPress. If you are not familiar with that, please have a look at another video from us, updating WordPress Plugins


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