What Is WordPress?

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WordPress is a free software that anyone, who wants to build a website or create a blog, can use. Originally it was intended to build a blog in a simple way, but it became much more than just a tool for bloggers. Today it is used by business owners with all kind of businesses around the globe. It is a so called “content management system” you can access from everywhere in the world as long as you have an Internet connection. Today you can even publish content on your site with your mobile phone or tablet.

At its core, WordPress is nothing than a simple interface, similar to the desktop publishing software  you use today. It requires no knowledge or experience in programming. Most users are able to learn the basics without further training. The interfaces are smooth, easy to use and the result of long years refining – you can find a complete course with step by step instructions in our academy.

With WordPress, it will be a breeze if you want to pull readers to your website and share the content. Doesn’t matter if you want to share content on social networks or give visitors the opportunity to subscribe to certain content in the preferred feed reader; WordPress is not just a website, but a content publishing platform. With a single click you get a powerful megaphone for your message to scream out at the world.

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