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May 22, 2013 9 Comments

If you want to get more traffic from search engines, you need to build back links. Backlinks help Google and other search engines to find you. After all, the Internet is connected through links. In the early days of blogging blogs linked to each other or webmasters provided link lists. Today people even pay money for backlinks (you shouldn’t go for that though). Many people say that backlinks are everywhere. Technically, that is true. Any website where you can create a link that works is potentially a source for backlinks. However, just because you can create backlinks on those websites doesn’t mean you should. There are many places online where you can create backlinks either through article directory sites, press releases or through web 2.0 websites.  However, again as I said, just because you can create backlinks on those websites doesn’t mean you should.

Getting Backlinks

The truth of the matter is that Google is really cracking down on the quality of backlinks generated online. Too many people are using backlink sources that don’t have any editorial control. This means that anyone can just go in create a backlink and there is nobody checking whether if that backlink should even be there. There is nobody checking if that backlink adds value to the website where the backlink is located. See the problem? Google sees the problem and sees that this type of backlink building behavior is really eroding search engine rankings and credibility online. As a response Google Penguin was released. It is all about cracking down over optimized websites. If you backlink the same way to your blog from many different websites you will get penalized. Building backlinks naturally is most probably the best approach.

Sure you want to promote your site and you can. Just make sure that the links you leave and share are highly targeted. It is just not worth to add your link to 1,000 directories for $5 just for having links everywhere. The point is to have targeted links. Why should a food blog link to a making money online site? Right, they most probably wouldn’t and that is what Google also “thinks”. They penalize sites which are everywhere just for the sake of backlinks. And if we really think about it – it will help the user after all. When we type in a keyword on Google and Google lists pages on the top just because it webmaster knew how to get the most shady links, well, that is not what we want, right?

If you want to get quality backlinks then it’s best to get it from guest blog posts. Guest blog posts are posts that are posted on other blogs that link back to your blog. The great thing about these is that there is editorial control. The owner of the blog that your link would appear would have to approve your guest blog post in order for your link to appear.  See how it works? Google then can use that editorial line of control and have more peace of mind than a back link from shady places.

That doesn’t mean though that you shouldn’t build links at all. It just means that you need to check first if that link adds any value to your link profile. Is it a valuable link from a trusted and related source?  Then get it. If no, you better find another resource. Even web 2.0 properties can be nice backlinks but if you create a blogger blog make sure that you do not just add one 200 word post but some more to link back to your website. If that site has value it will give some so called “link juice” to your site as well.

I highly recommend not to purchase any links. You don’t have control how many links are how quickly added. If you buy a package of 5,000 backlinks, you most probably “ordered” a robot throwing links around on non targeted sites. It won’t help you at all, you can flush your money down the toilet then you know at least what you get.

The advice in the end is to do it right, slow and targeted. Again, there is no shortcut, just plain hard work.

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  1. RapidRoaR says:

    Personally My favorite is guest posting and social bookmarking.
    This both techniques gives us related niche backlinks.
    But, thanks for your ideas.

  2. Praie says:

    Hey Monja,
    Came across this site again.
    Just wanted to ask – what do you think should be the maximum number of backlinks a person should build per day?

    • Monja says:

      Hi Praie,
      Thanks for stopping by again 🙂 Well, I think it depends on the age of your site. Older sites can get more links than new sites but I wouldn’t overdo it. Better you get one high quality link than 5 spammy blog comment links… So I think three to five links per day should be fine. But again, quality over quantity.

  3. pintu patel says:

    nice… this article very useful for me. i will try on my new blog.

  4. Rahul Sharma says:

    That’s an informative article on backlinks.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Great article Monja, I have a site and I am trying to increase strong backlinks. I will commit your points to mind and hopefully things will improve.

  6. I basically use blog commenting for building backlinks, but anyways there are many other ways too and this post gives many ideas.

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