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September 17, 2013 2 Comments

The Internet is full of information. More often than not you can get it free but sometimes you need to pay for really good information. That can be on a membership site but also for an eBook, a report or a bundle of digital download. People who offer these kind of products are called Information Product Marketers. They create digital info products and market them like crazy to the people on their list as well as anyone who visits their website. There is nothing wrong with being and Information Product Marketer. Actually it is one of the best jobs you can have:

You create a product once and earn from it forever.

That is what we are striving for when talking about passive income, right?

To tell you the truth: it is pretty hard to create information products. You need to stick to your own schedule and put in an enormous amount of work before you ever earn a Dollar. It’s hard but it is totally worth it. When you are willing to put in the work you can make a living from a really good products. First you create it and then you’ll spend your entire time marketing it. There are so many people out there doing that and you can do that, too.

Here are three phases any Information product marketer goes through. in their careers.By knowing what to expect, you can prepare yourself for these different phases, as well as work towards progressing through them faster.

The Unknown Phase

In this phase, you’re an unknown in the industry. You’re driving primarily “cold” traffic from people who don’t know you through pay per click,  SEO and article marketing. Because you are not known and people don’t trust you, your conversions are pretty low, they might range between 0.25% to 1.5%. Your conversions depend primarily upon the strength of your sales letters.

This is the most difficult phase of being an information product marketer. You have to get through it and stick to your work before you see anything worthwhile. Unfortunately, it’s also the phase that a lot of people get stuck in and give up because they think that it is all not worth it. Marketers will also often keep starting new websites that end up in this phase, rather than progressing existing websites to the next level. I’ve been there myself. I started a website, got some traffic to it and then it got difficult: I was lacking ideas about what to write, I was disappointed because the results were pretty lame and and I felt as if I was doing everything wrong – because I had no results. So yes, we all go through it. It is just important that you stick to it. It doesn’t matter what you have decided to do. Just do it and keep doing it. It will be worth it just takes time.

The Take-Off Phase

The take-off phase starts when you’ve figured out a way to successfully sell one product. For example, if you’ve figured out how to profitably sell one product via Google AdWords, that marks the beginning of the take-off phase. Once you start selling the one or other product you will feel much better because you know that it all was worth your effort. You’ll feel more energy about your business again and you’ll slowly start to believe that it will work – somehow. It’s a very different mindset.

The two primary things that people in the take-off phase are concerned about are building a list and creating new products. If you took your time for the first product and you have some upselling skills, your first buyers will buy from you again. You’ll usually have 10 to 25% people who are going to buy your next product. This will even add up with time. But because you are getting known now and people already realized that you have great products to offer they’ll buy the next one even for a higher price. Because of that it is super important that you create your next product quickly.

Building your list with a newsletter, e.g. Aweber, will allow you to start developing more long-term influence and clout in the industry, as well as build your most powerful marketing tool.

The Solid Reputation Phase

When you stick to your schedule you most probably reach this phase after nine month to a year and a half. But that will just happen if you really work on your business and not do nothing for weeks. At this page people know you and you’ll have a reputation in the industry. They know what you and your company stand for. Traffic will come not just from the search engines but also from direct type-ins and from people who googled your company name. This is “reputation traffic” – word-of-mouth traffic.

In this phase you’ll see your conversions increase although you don’t make any changes to your sales letter. This happens because people know you and your website but you’ll also have a reputation in the industry that builds trust. People are more willing to pull out their credit cards and place their faith in you.

At this point, your main concerns are adding high-ticket items and subscription programs. This is the stage you’ll have solid fans and people will be willing to pay for your great products. You can offer a higher priced DVD program or perhaps roll out that $47 a month subscription. You have the trust to do it.

These are the three typical phases of an information product marketing website. Don’t get stuck in the first one – progress through each phase as quickly as you can. The real money is made in stage three, not stage one. It is a hard way but i’ll be totally worth it.

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  1. darasi says:

    I think I’m in the unknown phase now 🙁 I’ve got some nice traffic but still got no dollars. Instead make a new website, I prefer looking for a new topic that profitable. More traffic, more chances of make money in my opinion 🙂

    • Monja says:

      Thank you for your comment. Guess that is the hardest phase right now. How much traffic do you get? Are you passionate about your topic? Because IF – just stick to it. As I said, it is now the way to stick through because this phase will happen with each and every site or product. Let me know, I’m happy to help

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