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Backlink Strategies: What Works After Panda and Penguin

May 14, 2013 4 Comments

It used to be that backlink strategies for SEO are fairly straightforward. You just find websites that are do-follow and have some page rank, not related to your website and then just build a link. This was the preferred method for many years. Types of websites that you can do this include Web 2.0 websites, […]

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How To Use Slideshare To Market Your Blog

May 7, 2013 1 Comment

If pictures are worth a thousand words and videos are worth thousands of pictures, then a slide show probably takes the cake in terms of communication capabilities. Depending on the topic, a slide show might be more flexible than a video. Slide shows let you draw attention to certain points. They let you emphasize. They […]

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Traffic Generation Tips for Blogs: Mining Facebook Traffic

May 6, 2013 10 Comments

I’ve recently published a post about traffic generation with the help of some basic SEO. Today we want to get into social media. Anyone seems to be talking about social media these days but, to be honest, I had a hard time starting to leverage e.g. Facebook to generate traffic. So here are some tips […]

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