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May 7, 2013 1 Comment

slideshare-for-traffic-generationIf pictures are worth a thousand words and videos are worth thousands of pictures, then a slide show probably takes the cake in terms of communication capabilities. Depending on the topic, a slide show might be more flexible than a video. Slide shows let you draw attention to certain points. They let you emphasize. They let you cut to the chase. Slide shows let you control the experience of your audience. You don’t have this with video. Video is canned communication. A slide show lets you remain firmly in control. Considering how powerful slide shows are, it is no surprise that Slideshare is getting a lot of buzz from bloggers.

I have recently uploaded some slides to my account and got several 100 views. However, I can’t really see how many of these people come to my blog because adding a link there doesn’t produce a “clickable” link. So people need to copy and paste my link into their browser to get to my site. If you want to measure that you need to create something called “pretty link” whether with Ninja Affiliate or with Pretty Links (a free WordPress Plugin). I use Ninja Affiliate {Affiliate Link} because, after all, it allows me a few more things, e.g. turn words I define automatically in Affiliate Links. I rarely use that though because I usually let people know when I use an Affiliate Link but it is a very powerful plugin. Also, in the backend, the Ninja Affiliate Plugin shows how many clicks I got on a specific link. This way I can use it to measure its success.

What is Slideshare?

In case you have come around Slideshare, let’s dig into the question what it actually is.

Slideshare is an online file sharing community that focuses on enabling users to share slideshows. Not only can you share slides privately, you can share slides with the world. And this is what makes this this exciting. If you are blogging about a specific topic, you need to get your content out to as many targeted people as possible.

Slideshare allows you this capability. By picking the right category and the right keywords for your slides, you will be able to reach people looking for the information your slide shows contain. Just like Pinterest, the more popular Slideshare gets, the more traffic it can deliver to bloggers and marketers that use it for content dispersal.  It is very new so the sooner you jump on the train, the better. Again, in the end it’s another social media site where you engage with people with the same interests. Do not just post your slides but check out other people’s slides, follow them and leave some comments. Again, if they like your comment they check out your slides.

So after all, Slideshare is a knowledge base and a search engine. If we as users upload our content there, we need to make sure that it is worth our reader’s time. There will be quickly a lot of content but people will follow those who have really good and engaging slides.

I usually do a keyword research with Market Samurai for the keywords I want to target with a slide. After all, it will help me to find people who are interested in my topic. And if they like my slide because they find it useful in their particular situation they will be much more willing to come over to my site and engage with me.

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