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traffic-generationI always thought I was a video addict because I love recording screencasts and share what I have learned with you. But yesterday I put together my first slideshow on Keynote (Mac’s answer to Powerpoint – it actually doesn’t matter what you use). I really had FUN. I put together the different slides, added images, transitions and finally I added a voice recording to make the slide show more interesting. I must say that I really like the result. When you join our newsletter you immediately get an email with my introduction (you learn what The 30 Days Blog Action Plan is about) and can listen to my first slideshow. I must say it took me a bit to figure out how to not record in Keynote but with Screenflow because I wanted the audio and slides to be on different layers – this way I can edit the audio file when I have a slip on the tongue in my speech. I will post an instruction on how you can do that as well. It is not hard if you know – as always in life.

So why slideshows?

Not long ago anyone was talking about videos, now we are talking about infographics and slideshows. All of these are just different ways to present your content. You can do in an infographic but also in a slideshow, video, podcast and so on. You always reach a different usergroup and that is why I thought it would be a good idea to re-use my content and put a slideshow together. Once you put together a template it is not hard to create a slideshow – you simply add the most important bullets from your blog post.

There are already a lot of slidesharing sites on the Internet. I must say that I have ordered a gig on Fiverr to have my slideshow uploaded to 12 different sites. You can find the gig here. I think my time is much better invested by creating another slideshow rather than creating accounts and uploading my slides myself. So I thought it’s a good idea to spend these $5. I don’t have the results yet but if nothing else – my slide will get seen from some people and in the description I could give the lady I put a link back to my blog. So if some people see the slide and it gives me 12 backlinks – I think that is money well spend.

Here is one I did from my post “The Ultimate Guide To Rank No.1 In YouTube

If you like my slide please click on the link above. You can copy the code to the presentation and embed it on your blog. You can write your own opinion about ranking in YouTube or giving some more detailed instructions than I did to add some value for your own readers. The creators of the presentation like that a lot of course because we get some attention to our slideshare profile and you can test if your audience like presentations without having your own. No pressure, of course, just an offer.

Why all these different ways to leverage your content?

I love creating videos but I rather listen to Podcasts myself than watching videos. Why? Because while watching videos I have to sit in front of the computer and do nothing else. When I listen to Podcasts I can clean the kitchen, do the laundry or simply work on tasks which do not allow my full attention – it sweetens all these every day tasks 😉 But there are others who love presentations (which I also love to create) and there are those who enjoy infographics most – content straight to the point. You see there are a lot of reasons why you should offer your content in different formats.

Beside that – this way we can make from one piece of content several. I can read out my YouTube Guide and publish it as a Podcast. But I can also put it into an eBook later together with other posts and give it away on eBook and document sharing sites. As Pat Flynn says, it’s all about being everywhere with your content.

Different ways to provide your content help new sites out of the ground

When I create a new website I usually panic a bit once I’m finished. At this moment I usually invested a good amount of time into the site but didn’t get much if anything in return. I usually then start to ask myself: how do I drive traffic to that site? Where is my audience? How do I reach them? The more specific the site is the easier is that question to answer. But for general themes such as making money, improving health or finding love – well, anyone wants that, right?

So even if just 100 people on Slideshare ever look at my presentation (although I don’t think that because it is now up there basically forever) I have 100 chances that they come over here to Living For Mondays and I can – maybe – inspire them to stick around. Ordering a Fiverr Gig and having the slideshow submitted to 12 more sites gives me 12 times this attention. One slideshow created and it’s there for good. Basically, it “works” for me forever.

Imagine you do the same with an infographic, a video and an eBook – right – you reach a lot of people with just one piece of content.

For me, this is a first time experience. I will tell you more about how this worked and if it worked at all in a later post.

Thanks for reading!


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