Pinterest Course: How To Use Pinterest For Your Business (Part 4 of 4)

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In the last part of the Pinterest Course we talk about how to choose the right picture (Video 10), make it stand out (Video 11) and finally I close we check out what power Pinterest really has for your business (Video 12). If you have mist the other parts of the Pinterest Course, check out part 1 here, part 2 here, and part 3 here. Beside that, let me tell you a quick story about the Power of Pinning {Affiliate Link} to close this course.

I recently could talk to a former student of mine, Pascale, from She created her business about one of her favorite hobbies, pinning on Pinterest. Today she has around 540,000 followers and her account really has a huge power. When she pins something it is seen on the Pinterest page of many people. And she even gets money for that. Pascale is a good example what it takes to make your hobby, your passion, your profession. It is not easy but well worth to work independently. I will soon publish more about her and her business on the Podcast because I really think her story is motivating for all aspiring entrepreneurs out there. If you want a look, check out her Pinterest account here. Make sure you follow her if you like to be inspired about lifestyle, living and DIY projects.

10 Choose The Right Picture

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11 Stand Out With The Right Picture

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12 The Power Of Pinterest

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In the end as with so many things in life consistency will be your key to success. Whatever you do you should love to do it because it will cost you a lot of time to get there so it is much better when you enjoy it. After watching this course, you can decide if Pinterest is something for you and your business. It might or might not be depending on what kind of business you have. If it is very visual Pinterest is perfect. But as long as you can make your business theme visually appealing then Pinterest is right for you and maybe gives you access to a new audience. It is always better to be everywhere but with patience.

To me, nothing is more overwhelming than trying to handle five social media accounts at once. When I start a new site I usually concentrate on one account at a time. As soon as I have a decent amount of followers I will switch to the next social media presence. Patience is the key for sure.

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