How do I start with Internet marketing?

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1. Choose a topic for your website

If you want to start with Internet marketing, then you probably already have an idea in mind for your website.

Maybe you have researched for weeks or you’ve discovered the a topic per luck. No matter how you do it, it is important that you start simple. You do not need to worry that you can do something wrong. When you work on your site then you will learn from your mistakes and improve step by step. The best way still is: Learning by doing!

2. Start a project and lead it to success

It is very important that you focus on one subject. Here, you will surely make everything as good as you can and you will learn and improve. It’s best to take a topic that interests you. Then it is easier to work on it.

If you want to perform multiple projects at the same time, the risk is very high that you’re overwhelmed and you will stop completely.

My advice: Choose one project and take it to success!

3. Research your topic and learn all you can about it.

How can you learn about your topic as much as you can?

Search for three websites that deal with your topic. You can subscribe to the newsletters, then you’re always up to date. Look for books which can provide you with information but no more than three. You can end up in a book shop, check Google or look on Amazon for bestsellers. Even one or two online courses are highly recommended, it makes it much easier for you to get a hang on your topic.

You should set firm deadlines to read and learn.

Do not let other books or products distract you from your main topic.

The risk is quite large, as I know from personal experience, that you do so much research that you never get to work on the site at all.

Set yourself a time frame of one week (for example). In this time you investigate and structure your new gained knowledge. If you do not do that then there is really a risk that you will spend weeks doing nothing but researching your topic. Don’t forget – you can always learn more later.

4. Setting Goals

Set yourself small goals, so that the ultimate goal is not so far away (Take part in our 30 Days Blog Action Plan). If you want to learn a language then first of all you start only with the basics and afterwards you will move into the Advanced Course. You should handle your Internet Business the same way.

Often it is easier to set a big goal and then break it down into smaller goals.

For example, if you want to write a book, you will also begin with research, set chapters and then you’ll start writing. A chapter can be divided again into sub-points. These small steps do not overwhelm you but will take you to success – slowly.

This principle we use in our 30-day Blog Action plan. Every day you get a guide that you can follow in order to fulfil  a specific task on your blog. At the end of the 30 days you will have a solid business foundation.

5. Outsource

To reach your goals you will always face problems. Now it is time to do so. Depending on how much money you have, you can give work to others (work you don’t like). But it can be very difficult to find people as accurate as you want it.

On the website or, many freelancers are offer their help. Here you can always find someone who will help you with a specific task.

Another possibility is yet to find partners who can do what you cannot do and and help you to work on your project.

If you can convince them that your website will be a success, work together with them and pay some percentage of your profit.

In this article you learned how you can start with the Internet Marketing. Of course it won’t help you to read only – you have to take action.

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