The 30 Days Blog Action Plan: Social Sharing For Social Credibility

April 18, 2013 2 Comments

Once upon a time you could rank in Google just by building backlinks to your site. Google considered your site more valuable the more links were pointing to it. But because some web masters tried to fool Google they changed the logarithm which penalized also many innocent hard working blogger and Internet marketer. And Google added another criteria to the game: they put into value how much tweets, likes, pins and shares you have. Actually, that makes sense: if content is good, we are all more likely to share that with people we like because we want to do them a favor and give them the good stuff.

This is already a good reason to add social sharing buttons to your site. Another really good one is that we explore new markets: if others share our content, videos, podcast or whatever they like with their friends and followers we conquer new markets without doing anything. So as a blogger, you can’t give me a better compliment that you’ve liked my content than by sharing it with your friends.

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You add some credibility to my “profile” and you help me spread the word about my blog. And you have something from that, too. Whenever I see that someone leaves a comment or I see my content tweeted, I usually reply and/or thank the person. I usually also check out his or her blog because I love to learn more about you! One problem on the Internet for me is definitely that I can’t have my visitors in front of me. So I can see in Google Analytics that people come and stay for a time with me but then they might disappear and I never know who the person was or if I could have helped him or her.

So today’s actionable item is to install a social sharing plugin on your site. If nothing else – your visitors become less anonymous. There are 100s of different plugins out there, you can use whatever you like. Just make sure you include all the important social sharing platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+. It is good to be seen everywhere 😉

Here are my favorite social sharing plugins:

  1. Sexy Bookmarks
  2. iShare Social Share Plugin
  3. Social Sharing
  4. Here on the blog I use CommentLuv (because it is already included)

You have some more time on your hands today?

Here are some additional tasks:

  1. Go to your competitors blogs and tweet 5 posts.
  2. Go to your competitors blogs and like some other posts.
  3. You can install the plugin “Tweet Old Posts“, it will automatically tweet your old posts. But this makes only sense, if you post also other valuable content on your account. A twitter list full of tweets with your own posts looks spammy. But if you are active on Twitter anyway, this saves you some time.

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  1. Bruce says:

    Hello Monja,

    I am new at this. You just showed me the value of using social buttons.


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