The 30 Days Blog Action Plan: Add A Google Sitemap

April 19, 2013 3 Comments

Most of us have this love-hate relationship with Google. But if we want or not we need Google to to get visitors to our site. So better we do not rely on Google but we play a fair game with them. One of it definitely is to submit a Google sitemap to the Google Webmaster Tools. In the end Google and we as webmasters want the same: we want to provide our users a solution to their problem. Google want the best one to be on top of the results and we want to be on top to get most visitors. So what can we do here? Well, if you write an article you better give your very best and put all information together about a certain topic you can. In the end, it’s about helping people and answering their questions. If that is our first goal visitors will come in quickly and also money will.

Adding a sitemap to Google means that you submit a dynamic file which is updated when you update your blog and also gives Google an idea what you are up to and what your website is about. So you can say that adding a sitemap to Google Webmaster tools will really improve your SEO in the long-run. With the help of a sitemap Google will catch all sites which might have been overseen otherwise. Additionally, you provide Google some metadata which helps them to index your website for specific content.

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You have some more time on your hands today?

Here are some additional tasks to support todays’ topic:

  1. Go through your blog posts and see which one fits and which you can link to from to another one; internal linking is very important and helps Google crawl your site.
  2. Go to Google and search for directory: Your Keyword; Add your site to 5 to 10 sites. The purpose here is to just register and add the necessary information with a link back to the site. This will help your SEO when you get approved.

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  1. Cynthialil says:

    I’ve found adding a sitemap to be a real help in getting your pages indexed faster. It’s not hard to do with today’s tools but a lot of beginning bloggers skip this step thinking it’s too complicated.

    • Monja says:

      So true, Cynthia – me as well. In general, after submitting one, things usually take off and my site gets indexed asap. It’s a great and easy way to increase traffic in the long-run
      Thanks for your comment!

  2. Lasse Rafn says:

    Amazing ideal! I already add sitemaps but have never tried the directory thing!

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