Pinterest Course: How To Use Pinterest For Your Business (Part 1 of 4)

April 9, 2013 4 Comments

I’ve create a 4-part series for you on how to use Pinterest properly for your business. I’ve already create a Pinterest Guide for you but here you get an overview of the functions Pinterest has to offer as well as the setup of your profile. The Pinterest series will be published in 4 parts, each including 3 videos to give you something on hand to include in your business. Pinterest is really self-explanatory but there are some nice hidden gems you can use to improve your profile and set up your account properly. In the videos I’m going to show you how I do it – so it has no guarantee of a full class, it’s just all I know about Pinterest and how I use it for my business.

As an example I use the LivingForMondays Pinterest account because it is pretty new. If you wanna follow me – click here. Thank you!

Pinterest can be really powerful if you do it properly. It is still relatively new and has been opened for anyone and not just on invites in August 2012. So This means that, if you build your account up right now, you most probably will soon have a good following. Pinterest’s power truly lies in images. I’m sure you have heard the quote “A picture says more than 1,000 words” – and that’s Pinterest. If you have interesting and engaging pictures you’ll easily increase your follower base.

Ok, let’s get to the course now 🙂

01 Pinterest Overview

Learn in this video what you can do on Pinterest and what likes and re-pins mean for you and your business.

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02 Where Our Pins Appear

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03 Find Followers And Friends

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Tomorrow I’m going to talk about creating your profile, adding pins from your site to Pinterest (actually we want to market our site, right?) and about how you can change and edit a pin. As I said, this video series is about all I know about Pinterest marketing. However, there are people on the net who are really experts when it comes to Pinterest and one very nice lady is definitely Melanie Duncan. She offers a complete course about Pinterest Marketing in detail. So if it is not enough what you learn here you might want to join her. Melanie is very engaged when she is teaching and you’ll love what you see. Here you can check out the Power of Pinning Course {Affiliate Link}

Here you can check out Part 2 of the series

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