The 30 Days Blog Action Plan: Introduction

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First of all – again – thank you SO much for subscribing to our newsletter. You can’t imagine how much I love getting notifications that someone just joined our newsletter and is going to take our free 30 day Action Course. It makes me excited and I look forward to hold your hand and be on your side over the next 30 days so you can accomplish all these little tasks we set up for you. These 30 days should actually help you to get started. After 30 days everything becomes a routine and so will be the set up of your online business even if you have not much free time on your hand. Each and every task won’t take you any longer than 20-30 minutes every day so you can easily accomplish that.

Please, make sure you have walked through the 6 free trainings videos. This is your task today. Get your blog set up. It won’t take you that long. Actually not longer than two or three hours if you follow the exact steps I give you in the videos. And most probably you can even do it faster. You should have an email with the link to it but in case you missed or lost it – please go here and get that accomplished first. It is not an excuse that you may not know your niche yet. Whether you already have an idea what kind of site you can create or not – in the end you can always set up a personal site. One where you can try out different things, where you can ramble and simply “hang out”. Registering a domain costs you $10 per year, so no need to worry if you do something “wrong” today. I registered several domains before I finally had my first money making site online. Beside that – your first domain is included in the Bluehost {Affiliate Link} webhosting already!

Oh yes, and watch this presentation if you like to learn more about me, what I’m up to and what you can expect over the next 30 Days.

Let’s get started!

PS: As I said in the video – do NOT EVER hesitate to contact me. I’ll be there to help and walk you through any step of these first 30 days. Come on board, it will be FUN!

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