31 Days To Build A Better Blog 2012 Edition

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There are hundreds of thousands if not millions of blogs in the blogosphere. Each blogger has a different reason for creating that blog. It could be as simple as creating an account of your life, a diary of sorts. It could be a chronicle for your friends and family, who live far from you. However, in today’s ear of connectivity and information, more and more people are creating blogs to have a source of passive income.

It is undeniable that there is money to be made from blogging. Some bloggers live off ad revenue and even get endorsement deals from related companies. Some of us were able to become Internet entrepreneurs by creating our own products and using blogs to connect with our target market. And there are several off you, who were able to actually establish a brick and mortar business by parlaying your blog’s readers and transforming them into paying customers. Many have become digital nomads, quitting their 9 to 5 jobs, and now work at home or from some exotic location. Well, the good news is that we can all do it :-). All we need to do is to be the best blogger that we can possibly be. But to get there it definitely takes some time, effort – and knowledge. We can all do it but we need to learn from the right people to be really successful.

 Learn From The Best: 31 Days To Built A Better Blog by Darren Rowse

31 Days To Build A Better Blog

Readers are a very fickle lot. To be able to drive traffic to your blog, readers must find your blog to be compelling and one of the best in your blogging category. With 31 Days To Build a Better Blog, you will be receiving expert advice that will improve your blogging skills and make you a better blogger.

The 2012 edition of 31 Days To Build a Better Blog comes from a very fine pedigree. More than 19,000 people have bought this book throughout the years and have found it to be very helpful in giving them tips to improving their blogging skills – I am one of them although I bought the previous edition. The 2012 version has been revised and reformatted to make it even more relevant in the 2012 blogging environment.

31 Days To Built A Better Blog – An Action Oriented Blueprint

A big factor of the success of this book is that it is action oriented. It essentially gives us 31 steps to follow if we want to enhance our skills.  Each step is well explained and we certainly grasp, why it is needed. It gives us something to do in our own blog. And for people, who want to learn more, it gives further reading to deepen their understanding. We learn how to better engage our readers, develop relationships with fellow bloggers and come up with meaningful posts, all very invaluable to any kind of blogger.

Let’s not dismiss this book by claiming that we do not have thirty-one days to learn and do what the book suggests. While the original model was to get us to do something every day, we can work at whatever pace we want. Many people have utilized it in different ways and have still gotten the results that they want. Some people do a set of tasks simultaneously over a weekend. Busier people have reported doing one task every week or when they have time. Some even made it into a group activity so that they would have a buddy to keep them motivated (for example the SITS Girls).

The only way to not get our Blog done and set up is to do nothing with the 31 Days To Built A Better Blog 😛

Whether you are just beginning a blog, or have been keeping a blog for several years but looking for inspiration, 31 Days To Build A Better Blog will be able to help you in your blogging endeavor. Let’s make our blogs better.

Check out the 31 Days To Built A Better Blog here


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