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Blog wise - How to do more with lessEver wished you could get one-on-one instruction with a top blogger? Well, I have. Learning from those, who are in the practitioners in the industry is really the best way to get some tips and tricks. It’s not just about theory or book knowledge. They have the experience to back it up. Experience is often the most valuable teacher. By picking their brain, we are able to fast track our blogging education. We are able to find out what works in practice and avoid the mistakes that these experts have made as they were working their way up and building their blogs to become more popular and well-read.

Most of us do not personally know bloggers, who have attained legendary status. We have read their blogs and have become fans for years but we haven’t really met them in person and been able to pick their brains. Some bloggers also tend to keep the secrets to the success, well, secret. Not to be selfish or anything, but blogging has become a business and as a business you do need to have a competitive advantage over your rivals, which are other bloggers in your niche. Luckily, not anyone sees it like that 😀

Good thing that a couple of generous bloggers act as ambassadors and generously share the lessons that they have learned throughout the years. We can now discover the secrets of some of the most productive bloggers with Blog Wise: How To Do More With Less. This is essentially a behind the scenes look behind some of the most popular blogs today.

You take nine well-known bloggers from Darren Rowse of Problogger to Amy Porterfield to Gretchin Rubinand of the Happiness Project and read how they are able to organize their lives in such a way that they have time to do all their blog-related tasks. Many of us have resisted starting a blog because of the worries that it will take too much time, time that could be spent on other things called the daily bump and grind of life. Reading through their stories and the tip and tricks that they have learned throughout the years in Blog Wise: How to Do More With Less has really become an inspiration and a motivating factor for. If they were able to do it, then why not me, or you? Actually, I love buying EBooks or joining membership sites for new inspiration and for learning more about blogging.

Some of these people have careers, juggle marriage and parenthood, and yet still make the effort to reach out to people through their blogs. It makes me feel a little ashamed – when I find my own excuses why I cannot do this or that. Blog Wise isn’t just about stories. There are a lot of lessons that you can pick up along the way. The situations they describe are those that we’ve found ourselves in. Scenarios like having trouble focusing or feeling overwhelmed are universal predicaments. I like how they give practical tips that we can immediately apply to our own blogging life.

While the stories are great, I like how Blog Wise: How To Do More With Less ties it up all together into a simple nine-step program that anybody can do. This portion is what makes the whole book very invaluable in my opinion. By making it into an action plan, we are able to accomplish it ourselves.

The point is – in the end we just need to take action. We can do it alone, can do it wrong, start all over or feel overwhelmed. But we can also do it right from the beginning – when we look over the shoulders of the famous bloggers.

This is one ebook that is a great read and a great teaching at the same time. If they can do it, then can we.

Check out Darren Rowse’s book “Blog Wise” here

As usually, Darren Rowse includes a 60-day-money-back guarantee. So if you feel that the book isn’t worth the money you can always ask to get it back. Check it out here

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