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free traffic from guest posts - make anyone feel as welcome and entertained as possible

A typical blog needs a lot of posts. Even if you were to post one item on your blog daily, you still have to come up with 365 posts a year. Frankly, not everyone has the time, energy, and motivation to post daily. That’s why many bloggers take guest blog posts from other bloggers or marketers. In exchange for original content that hasn’t been published anywhere else, bloggers allow one or two do follow links in the guest post. Talk about a win-win situation. The blogger doesn’t have to hassle with writing original posts daily and can focus more of his or her time building up the blog’s traffic or putting together authority-building special posts. The contributor gets a backlink from a site with Page Rank that is in the same niche as the site being optimized.  Follow the guide below to get a clear idea of the benefits of guest posting and the marketing benefits it offers to your business.


Even though the backlink you’ll get is nice, you should look at that as a secondary benefit. Your main focus should be the fact that being allowed to post your materials on another person’s blog gives you a tremendous opportunity to build your blog or site’s brand. Don’t let this opportunity go to waste by being lazy and putting up a generic statement on your guest post like ‘XXX wrote this guest post’ or something bland like that. Instead, write each ‘About the Guest Poster’ description differently for each guest post. Also, show readers why they should click the guest post’s link and go to your site. Push your brand!

Link Building

This is the main reason people offer free original content to blogs. Many blogs are hungry for high-quality materials and there are more blogs needing updates than bloggers with the time and resources to supply these blogs with the content they need. As a result, many guest poster mistakenly assume they can just produce garbage guest posts written purely around keywords. Talk about destroying the value of guest posts. For you to truly benefit from the time and effort you put into your guest post, you have to spice up your guest post. It must be actually useful and substantive. You need to provide a spicy headline and a post that truly engages the reader. If you do this, you not only boost your chances of being invited back to post another guest post, but you also increase the likelihood the blog’s readers will share your post on facebook, twitter, Google + and other social sites. Check out the posts on yours and other blogger’s blog: Which got the most engagement? Which got the most comments? If you figured that (and it’s pretty easy because many people have a popular posts plugin in their sidebar) you know what that blog’s readers find most enjoyable. Write a follow up post on that, give more value and use different media to do so.

Build Credibility

There are no two ways about it: all your activities online can either build your brand’s credibility or weaken it. There is no middle ground. Don’t waste the opportunity given you by guest posting by using weak, generic, and useless keyword-driven content. You have to stand out from the competition – a mass of faceless, nameless ‘link builders’ who don’t care about user experience or content quality. Beat your competition and you boost the value of your brand and increases the likelihood other bloggers will want you to post your quality materials on their blogs. Far from just simple tips for free traffic from a proven source, our tips above bring home the point that a little ORIGINALITY and HONEST EFFORT go a long way!

In the end – a guest post relates to what you stand for. If you want to stand for high quality, valuable material you need to show it in each product (and yes, a guest post is in my eyes a product as well). I know it is not easy with times. Sometimes I still think I can go the short way and leave out a proper research and rely just on “what I already know” to get a new article posted. But quality is – as everywhere in life – better than quantity. And no, it won’t save you time in the long-run. Although you get plenty of posts done first they won’t drive you enough traffic because they won’t make others want to click and visit your site. So if you are able to post on a highly frequented blog (or even on a small one) try to do your best to show what you stand for in your article. You’ll might walk slower but you don’t have to get posts out too often because you will still profit from posts you have given away years ago.

There is no short cut in business. Go the long way and it will save time later.

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