What Is PPC?

February 17, 2013 0 Comments

PPC is a key tool that helps you in getting more Traffic to your website. If you use this effectively, this tool can be valuable. PPC stands for ‘pay per click ‘and means that you have to pay for each click when a potential customer clicks on your ad. Google is currently the main provider (followed closely by Facebook). Google’s ads are called sponsored ads, which are known as platforms, Google AdWords.

Here an example of a PPC ad. In this case, I use the Adsense Program and if one of my visitors clicks on this link I earn a percentage of what the advertiser pays Google for displaying these ads.

For what do you need PPC? If you have a new website, do not just assume that you will have many visitors. You know what SEO is, but you also know that it takes time to get the appropriate number of visitors. If you want traffic right away, PPC is your way to go because you can get visitors to your site relatively cheap and turn them – hopefully – into customers. Wanna learn how to get traffic to your site also free? Join us now

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