What is Clickbank?

February 17, 2013 1 Comment

AsĀ  an affiliate you can join Clickbank for free. Many people run into Clickbank if they have decided to advertise a specific product. Once you are a member, you can offer your readers all available products on ClickBank. They have a great “marketplace” where you can look for products or sell them. You can earn good money, since the typical commission on digital products is 50% or more and Clickbank’s marketplace offers just digital products.

The process is really simple. For each product you would like to sell, you create a “hop link” to the product sales page, which then creates a cookie to the browser of the reader. ClickBank immediately recognizes every visitor on this page and knows that he comes from you. When the visitors buy something, you will earn your commission. So you can easily offer a ClickBank product without thinking about graphics or sales pages in your posts. Everything is done automatically, the buyer clicks the “buy now” button, then the payment is determined, the product is received and the commission will be credited to your account.

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