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If you want to be a blogger it is important to develop your writing skills so that you can not only write better, but write faster. The more content you can get up on your blog, the better for traffic, and the happier your viewers will be. There are some methods you can use to help you write your blog faster without giving up quality.

Develop a Keyword List

It’s imperative that you know what keywords you’re trying to rank for when you write each post. Keywords should be chosen based on your niche, but also on what your target audience is looking for. Each post should include keywords, as well as your titles for your post. Having a list of keywords ready can help you to know what to write about faster. Grab a word from the list, do a research to get ideas, structure your post and you can start writing. When you do your keyword research with Market Samurai you can also generate a huge list of keywords – which will give you ideas for blog topics again.

See here, you just enter a keyword into the field and Market Samurai generates more keywords with the click of a button:


I use Market Samurai all day when I write. Nothing is more handy because I have all information I need at my finger tips. I cannot just find related topics and brainstorm for new blog ideas but I can also check out my competitors, I can search for similar blogs to guest post on those and so much more.

Market Samurai offers a free 14 days trial. Grab your copy here and check it out –>

Create Your Titles

Another tip that might work for you is to create your title first. When you start with a keyword rich title you can write your blog post quickly. By looking at your keyword list that you developed earlier, you can just start at the top and create a title fast. Don’t worry you can always change the title later if you need to, just get started without judging too much. That is one important point. If you question everything you do you get stuck quickly. So just think about writing first and then proof read later. Whenever I think that my article is the worst I ever wrote I do not find it that bad when I read it again.

Decide on the Topic

Based on the keywords that you chose you will choose the topic but not necessarily the kind of post. You can then choose whether it will be a video, a written post, or a podcast interview with an expert about that topic. When writing a post about a particular topic it helps to know if this is a “how to”, “informational”, or “experiential” in nature. Think out of the box though. Doing always the same olé stuff is not just boring for your readers but also for yourself.  Since I read Steve Scott’s book “How to write great blog posts that engage readers” I definitely try to vary much more with my posts. It’s a lot more fun though and I even set up my podcast.

Start Write

Start writing whatever comes to your mind. If you start with a list of what you know about the topic, you can then fill in with the meat. Try ending your sentences with your chosen keywords for which you want to rank. Try writing a group of posts at once about the same topic and keyword. Once the flow of creativity starts there is no reason to interrupt it.

Edit Later

Don’t edit as you go, instead, write in a free flow form, and then let it rest and go back and edit later. After you’ve given your mind a break, re-read your blog posts with fresh eyes. Remember, even after your blog post has gone live, you can still edit it, even years later. So no need to judge yourself too much. After all, good content is content that answers my question, isn’t it?


Blog posts don’t have to be super long, you can write a quick blog post to tell your readers about something exciting, or quickly share a new product, or just share a funny photograph, there is no reason to worry about length. The important thing is to get keyword rich content that provides value to your readers on your blog and answers the questions they are searching for in-depth. But if someone searches for something like “What is Clickbank” he won’t expect a 1,000 word blog post but will prefer a quick answer.

 If you still struggle writing you might like to join Karon Thackston’s Copywriting Course. I have participated a year ago, you can have an inside look here (my review with video) But you can also check it out on her website here.

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