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October 18, 2013 2 Comments

Article Marketing is all about writing good quality original articles to advertise you, your company, your products as well as your business. It’s about getting traffic and visitors back to your site. When you do Article Marketing you submit all these articles to article directories.

The three best tips for effective Article Marketing are:

  • Publish the best unique content regularly to various submission directories such as,, just to name a few.
  • Create great and original content that offers useful information to readers other than writing content that is promoting your products.
  • Create great and original content to put you as a professional in your niche.

Below are key factors to consider in order to boost your traffic:

Doing Your Keyword Research

Writing the title and researching the keyword are the key areas of the procedure. In general, these two points have to be done by you. It is always the same. No matter if you do video marketing on YouTube or Social Media Marketing, it all comes down to be found by your potential customers. If you put words in the title or in the description nobody is looking for you won’t get much traffic back. So it is good to do a keyword research first. You can use tools like Market Samurai (free 14-days trial) or LongTailPro (free 10-days trial)

You can target low competition keyword phrases to begin with, and you may rank for high competition keywords sooner or later.

You can then pick out the keywords you have come up with, and create headings that catch people’s attention. The target audience ought to feel immediately attracted to the heading simply by reading it. Keep in mind: it is about getting visitors to click on your listing the time you are ranked.

Get Quality Writer You Trust

Instead of writing articles yourself, you can locate 1 or maybe 2 excellent freelance writers that are reliable. You should make sure they possess exceptional English, and even make sure their content is grammatically right. For the first few submissions, you can run their work through Copyscape to make sure the grammar is correct.

Furthermore, you can take notes of their time of response when you need to know something from them. Is their task turned in quickly, or even how much time they take to respond to your emails. You can also sturdy their conduct at the beginning of the partnership, this is an excellent sign of exactly what it will be like using their services long term.

On the other hand, you may learn how to make use of automated submission software even though many of the premium article submission sites such as do not allow autopilot submission of articles.

Create A Consistent Publishing Schedule

Come up with a consistent schedule for when you would like your articles published.

Get in touch with your content publisher and inform them when you will be expecting the content. You may forward to them all the articles immediately, and then request for them to be published two times in a week, or simply forward the content to them to be published in the order they get to you. For some of my sites, I usually ask for content ahead of time. Once done, I’ll add it to the website, read through it, modify if needed or add something personal and then schedule the post. Thinking ahead will save you the one or other headache. So it is better you plan content a month ahead of time. I can tell you, it helps your insanity a lot.

Conclusion: As soon as the above steps are adhered to, you will get most of the benefits associated with article marketing.

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  1. Hi Monja,
    I am a beginner. As you said publishing in article directories requires rewriting the article. I think we should not copy exact information as it will be plagiarizing the original right?

    • Monja says:

      Rahul, That is totally correct. When you rewrite articles you won’t get in trouble with Google though. Beside that, where is the information for your visitors when they can read the same ole stuff again and again…

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