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October 16, 2013 2 Comments

We continue in our series about writing, writer’s block and writing habits. We already discussed how to find great blog topics and also about tips to help you to get through writer’s block.We all sometimes feel that we have nothing to write about and when we are uninspired we have to create rituals that will help us to become inspired again. Are you one of them? If you are, what are the rituals that you always do in order to make writing such an easy task again? If you do not have a ritual yet, now is probably the time to start.

There are some effective writing rituals that you might want to try out such as the following:

Drink Caffeine (or something else ;-))

This might be an unusual tip. But a lot of writers cannot live without a shot of caffeine. There is something about caffeine that can make people livelier and alert. If you are not a caffeine drinker though then you can always substitute it with your favorite drink. Some would probably like milk while some like tea and other fruit juices. It is not really the drink that will make you feel more awake and compelled to write about something that interests you. It is the ritual of doing that so that your body knows that it has to start becoming more creative. I usually get myself an ice tea when I start to work. You see it can be something that simple, it doesn’t always have to be fancy.

A Walk around a Certain Area

Whenever writers are required to write something, they sometimes see writing as more of a job than something that they naturally like doing. The great thing about walking and taking a breath of fresh air is that it clears the mind. A writer will probably have a lot of thoughts while being exposed to the new environment and this is one ritual that will surely be effective in making a writer have more interested in topics to write about.

Listing Down Tasks to Do

You might not realize this but when you have a list, you tend to stick more with what you have to purchase. This is the same with writing too. You will feel the need to finish what you have already written and this can be your motivator. It can be a ritual in a way that the body knows that when you are doing this, you should start getting a new topic already.

If all the tips here don’t help you to get over writer’s block, you can always join the LivingForMondays Academy (the community will help you to get inspired) or get a book like this one.

What do you do before you write anything?

Do you think those rituals that you are doing are effective?

If they are, please share them with us 🙂

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  1. Sebastian says:

    Honestly, I don’t have any rituals. Some times the ideas just hit me and I write like 5 posts in a row. It helps that I have a set time to upload posts – every friday morning.

    I will say that, the best way to avoid having a writer’s block is… to being with, write something you’re passionate about. This way, you always keep growing and learning and the content will naturally come to you.

    • Monja says:

      I agree. Having a passion definitely helps to not focus writer’s block. But really, rituals will help you to get in the right mood 🙂 Try it and let us know

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