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The content of your website is probably the most important element of your page. While graphics or gimmicks can initially attract people to visit your site, it is the content that would ultimately make them stay. The right content can make your business, compel people to sign up, and drive sales forward. Never underestimate the power of words. A properly targeted message can deliver and accomplish what you need it to do. And that is where Karon Thackston’s Web & Seo Copywriting Course comes in.

Good Copywriting Just Makes The Difference Between Success and Failure

Most people think writing copy is easy. They eschew hiring professional copyrighters to save money. Instead, they do it themselves, with the impression that they can be effective copywriters. Some may have taken a lesson or two, while others believe that the English classes they had in school way back when was enough. Many of these people will end up being disappointed by the numbers. They won’t be able to get as many site visitors as they would like to have. One of the biggest reasons this is happening is because there isn’t any effective copywriting going on.

For people who are determined to create the content of their websites themselves, it important that the skill to create and write that content in the proper manner is learned. I find that one of the learning tools in this business is the Step-By-Step Copywriting Course. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner, this course will definitely up your skill level so you will be able to write content that will let you be noticed and be able to convert a visitor into a paying customer.

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The course has a lot of meat in it. Karon Thackston, a well known copywriter who has even a book offer on,  teaches you 28 different ways to position your products and services in way that your target audience will see it as the best option for them. You will learn how to get more prequalified visitors from the search engines which has a higher conversion ration to actual sales. Writing copy is not an exact science and the course will teach you how to use your creativity to apply it to various business models.

The Web & Seo Copywriting Course

Step-By-Step Web & Seo Copywriting Course contains ten modules that take you into the entire copywriting process. Each module is arranged by level of difficulty so that you begin with the basics and end up with advanced SEO techniques. The great thing about these modules is that they are video-based, which makes for great learning. You don’t have to read tons of material, which may be a problem for some who hate doing that. With the videos, you learn in a quicker and more entertaining way. You literally look over the experts shoulder and gain a lot of insight.

Personally, I like best that Karon explains everything very detailed and step by step. You never have the feeling that she moves forward too quickly and you can’t follow her.

The lessons are very practical that sometimes you will end up saying, “Why didn’t I think of that!” Karon Thackston provides real world examples which illustrate the concept. Watching how the techniques were applied really drove home the lesson. Doing the homework took some effort and discipline but comparing the answers to the answer sheet of how experts would do it was very enlightening. You’d be surprised at how far off your answers are and then you see improvement as you go along the course.

The Step-By-Step Web & Seo Copywriting Course is a fantastic course for anybody who wants to create meaningful content.

If you are serious about making money online – this is what you need to finally become successful. You can learn at your own pace, there is no monthly membership payment required unless you choose to pay in four installments.


Here a short overview of the backend and what you can expect:

In short, here are the advantages choosing Karon Thackston’s Web & Seo Copywriting Course:

  • no monthly membership fee
  • working at your own pace
  • video tutorials
  • one-to-one help in Karon’s private Facebook Group
  • lots of great reviews
  • expert knowledge from a person who knows what she is talking about

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