Why Creating Content is The Best Investment in Your Company – Content Marketing Strategy

May 17, 2013 12 Comments

Hand Drawing Content Flow ChartContent marketing is a very simple concept. Why? Because the Internet is based on content. People are online because they are searching for content. They are interacting with each other and sharing content. Content is everywhere, which is the main reason people are on the Internet in the first place. People create content, share it, and it is the life blood of the Internet. With that said, you have to use the power of quality content and content marketing to take your business to the next level. Many businesses when they start out online are under this false impression that they just need to employ certain tricks like SEO, social media marketing and all these buzz words but they miss out on the importance of content. IF you want to be serious about promoting your business, developing a worthwhile brand online then you need to have a serious content marketing strategy.

Here are the basic elements for finding your content marketing strategy:

Know your audience. 

If you want to make money online, if you want to invest in your company’s brand, you better spend a lot of time and effort knowing who your target audience is. How do you know your audience? Well, first of all, you have to come up with a profile as the specific person you’re trying to reach. What are that person’s needs, fears, risks surrounding him/her, how does he respond to certain stimuli and messages? Now you could come up with all these demographic profiles or you could reverse engineer your competition. Find people who are already targeting your niche and figure out what they are trying to do and try to improve on what they are doing.

Don’t make the mistake to see people just “as a profile”. It is much better if you take your time to get to know them. For example, when I started the Living For Mondays Academy my Mum kept telling me to develop something for real beginners. Many blogs out there have posts with tons of words a beginner doesn’t understand. I tried to focus on that but it was really difficult to stick to a real beginner in mind. Then I met someone at a forum who was looking for a program which would not overwhelm him and which would give him “homework” to do instead of leaving him alone with all the information. This really opened my eyes. People are overwhelmed as much as I was when I just started out! I wonder how I could have forgotten that. I implemented homework into the course and really, most people seem to enjoy exactly that 🙂

Know how your target audience communicates. 

This is the key to effective content marketing. You have to know that people don’t care what you have to say but care about what they want to hear. It’s not just “people” but you and me as well. When you go to Google and search for a specific information you want to get an answer. You don’t care who gives that answer, you just want one. If you stumble over  a website which looks promising yes, then you might stay but in general all you want is the answer to your specific problem, right? So it is really important to know who you want to reach and understand how they process information, interact with content and then you can change and revise your content strategies so that it mirrors how your target audience processes content. It doesn’t matter what you want, all that matters is what your target audience wants.

Wrap spam with content. 

The truth of the matter is that if you are trying to sell something, you are spamming at a certain level or another. However, if you wrap your marketing message with high-quality content, it goes down easier and makes you more credible. Chances are high that people will buy from you. The difference between spam and content is fairly thin so try to add a lot more quality content and fill your audience’s need.

As you can see from this article – content is what dominates the Internet. After all, that is why we are here. We want to learn about a certain topic, meet new people or get in touch.

If you want to learn more about content marketing, please check out Karon Thackton’s Copywriting course here. I have done it myself and really, my business really took off when I realized that it is all about writing and definitely how you write. You can have a sneak peak inside her course here.

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  1. Mitch Carson says:

    It gives in depth information and I have never read any article more comperehensive than this. Thanks for this valuable knowledge.Keep it up!

  2. Shalin says:

    Content is the key that is so true. Even social networks grow because of user generated content. Nowadays a business should have a good social background to promote online. People must find the brand rather than the business taking the brand to the people. In my opinion you should specifically target specific audience rather than targeting all.

  3. Hi Monja, love your work here a very nice blog. I have to say that yes content is key and must when blogging or as you say content marketing.

    I also like the concept of giving people homework and may be task to complete in your training.

    Branding is also very easy if you can put out lots of content and be very helpful to others in that content, and in doing so people respond much more if you are help them..

    Thank for your content here very nice and good information…simon..

    • Monja says:

      Thanks a lot, Simon for your kind words! Exactly – content is key, the BEST investment ever since your investment will return sooner or later. No question about that, just a question if you can stick to it and post tons of content to your blog

  4. Goldbullion says:

    It gives detailed details and I have never study any content more comperehensive than this. Thanks for this useful details.Keep it up!

  5. Kevin Davis says:

    Great article. I think these things could be applied offline as well. Know your audience and think of them as individuals not just people.

  6. Eric Serpa says:

    Hey guys amazing stuff

  7. The information you share is very useful, thanks for sharing.

  8. Thank for sharing and keep updating like this post

  9. Eric serpa says:

    Content is the key that is so true. Even social networks grow because of user generated content. Nowadays a business should have a good social background to promote online.

  10. marina says:

    Thanks for sharing such useful information

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