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It’s not new the the Internet is becoming more and more social. Once you land on a blog or website you are asked to subscribe to the owner’s Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or Google Plus channel. But mostly we won’t do until we are have learned a bit more about the person behind the website. The time when you could hide yourself and be anonymous in the Internet world are over. We want to know more about the people we spend our times with. We want to interact with them, know what they do all day, how they spend their time when they are not working. Although we understand that anyone needs their privacy and does not want to reveal all and everything – we still long for information because we want to know if we can trust the person.

This is exactly why it is so important not just to publish a short about me paragraph on the site but to create a really appealing site, one which shows your visitors and maybe future customers who you are and what you stand for.

Tips for “About Me” Pages that really blow your reader away:

  1. Be real.
    Have you ever heard the quote “Just be you. Anyone else is already taken”. Nothing is more true. Once you try to be someone else and not just you, your readers will know. People forgive mistakes to people they know but they will hope that you make mistakes when they have no idea who you are and what you stand for. So tell your readers who you are, be honest, be yourself.
  2. Show yourself.
    Don’t be shy. Add a well-shot photo to your About Me page – a picture says more than 1000 words.
  3. Tell a story.
    Personally, I love stories. When I find a new website I like I look for the story behind the person and usually I expect it on the “About Me” page. Tell people how you  got where you are today. Show the struggle you had in your first years, tell them about your feelings. Chances are, that if you had these feelings others had them as well. And nothing connects better than similar experiences.
  4. Show your readers why they should work with you.
    If you can show people why they should work with you and not look for anyone else. There are literally thousands of websites out there with people they can hire. Why should they hire you or learn from you? Give them a reason why working with you will help them to reach their goal.
  5. Add a contact link
    Often before I do business with someone I contact her. I want to know how quickly they answer, how professional they answer, and if they answer at all. Be sure you answer your emails frequently. If you can’t leave an absence message. You can add a auto responding message in nearly any service.

It all comes down to one thing – the reader should develop trust with you. The more you can convince her that you are the person she can see on your website the more she will be willing to give you her business.

Here are some examples for great “About Me” pages from well-known Internet Marketers:

  1. Lynn Terry
    Lynn does it all – she adds a contact link to her page, ways to connect with her as well as her journey becoming a professional Internet Marketer. The picture on her page underlines that she is a warm-hearted, helpful person, teaching what she does.
  2. Pat Flynn
    Pat is another favorite Internet Marketer of mine. Again, I follow his blog because I can find myself in his story. The way he writes is very appealing and he gives so much details that I know he doesn’t hold anything back and really wants me to understand what he is teaching.
  3. Darren Rowse
    Problogger is a blog I followed for a long time when I just started out. Today, Darren hardly publishes article himself. He assures that the blog has great quality but the reason why I’m not visiting his site daily anymore is because for me he is absolutely connected with Problogger – and all those guest posts help me to find new Internet Marketers worth following but I’m no longer following him and his journey through the site as I don’t get any further insights from him. Still, he is a great marketer and has a great story to share.
  4. Rosalind Gardner
    Rosalind is the one person I found first when I started Affiliate Marketing. And she is the one who finally got me started. I’m more than happy that I could connect with her personally through Rosalind Gardner’s Academy which taught me many things I still use daily in my business.

When you look at the About Me Pages in these four examples you can see hat these people are their brand. They do what they do because they love it. All their About Me Pages have two thing in common:

– They share their personal journey about how they got where there are today.

– They show a picture of themselves taken in a moment of their life. They obviously did not ask a professional photographer to take the picture but choose one which might be not perfect but shows them as they really are.

All this and more makes us want to connect with them. So the best advice when create an About Me Page is to show who you are and what you stand for and let your readers and maybe future customers know why they should choose to do business with you.


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