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Samson Meteor Mic USB Studio Microphone For Podcasting

I’ve become a Podcast Fan lately. Wherever I can I listen to my Podcasts. I’m a huge fan of the Viperchill Podcast, then I listen to the SmartPassiveIncome Podcast and I download all brainstorming sessions from Lynn Terry’s Brainstorming Forum – yes, a lot to listen to and I guess I’m not at the end of the rope, and will hopefully enjoy many more Podcasts 😀

Create your own Podcasts with the Samson Meteor Microphone

That’s why I got the idea that I could also share Podcasts for my Mac Site and of course here on The Affiliate Marketing Lab. And because I do a lot of screencasts I finally bought, after researching the web ,the Samson Microphone. The big advantage was, that it already had a stand so I didn’t need to purchase another – helped me to save about 30$. Beside that the Microphone has in average 4 stars on Amazon.

I’ve been doing all videos lately with my new gadget as I didn’t find out so far how to get podcasts online. I will figure that out and share with you here but what you need anyway is a great microphone – and the Samson Microphone is definitely a great one. It is very sensitive and records my voice perfectly without recording all small ambient noises around me. So yes, I love it! Before I had the USB Microphone I had a hard time reducing the ambient noise after recording. Now, I just put it in front of me and start recording.

Microphone for Podcasting

It has a large diaphragm condenser for rich audio recordings and a smooth, flat frequency response of 20Hz-20kHz. Beside that it records in 16bit CD quality in 44.1/48kHz resolution.

It really helped to improve my audio recordings immensely. You can check it out on the Mac’s site You Tube channel for example. There are not too many USB-Microphones available and this one is really great and hassle-free to use. Beside that it costs a lot less than many other Microphones available.

If you like to hear the audio quality yourself, have a look here at one of my latest videos.


Have a look at the 4 Stars ratings for this Microphone for Podcasting. I rate it with 4 Stars because there are Microphones which are more sensitive but also higher priced. If you want a good Microphone for Podcasting for a great price – this is yours.

Get the best deal on Amazon here.


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