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May 15, 2013 1 Comment

Before the Panda Google Update, PLR content was all older age. Why shouldn’t it be? After all, it’s quite a bit of a hassle having to write new fresh content if you don’t like much to write. I wouldn’t recommend though to buy tons of PLR Articles and post it on your blog as it is. If you buy PLR make sure you make it your own. See it “as a help” to get rid of the blank paper and writer’s block.

If you want to write everything on your own you have to have a lot of patience, intellectual curiosity and most importantly, you have to have a lot of time. At the beginning it takes much more time to write articles but then, the more you practice the easier it gets. Not everybody has the appropriate writing skills but as with nearly everything you can improve a lot with simple practice.

To get started is difficult though so you might want to get some PLR Articles. PLR means “Private Label Rights”. You buy article packages for 10 or 20 articles for a few Dollars. The problem is that it is not unique to you. Others can also get it and if you use it as it is there is a lot of the same content all over the place. So whenever you buy PLR it is important that you “make it your own”. It helps a lot to get started but then, write a personal introduction, write a personal conclusion and make it “sound like you”. Doing so can make PLR articles a great article starter. And that is how it is meant to be. You can’t just copy and paste what you buy to your website.

Even if you don’t worry about Google penalty (what you actually should), you don’t do your readers a favor. After all, who wants to read the same things again and again? Right, nobody wants that to. So even with PLR you can make your content really unique and serve your audience because you offer them the best resource.

Using PLR Articles after Panda

As mentioned earlier, after Panda, the PLR market pretty much crashed. Why? As much as people would like to believe that Panda doesn’t penalize duplicate content, it does. It may not do it outright, but it does, based on its effect. I know that might sound weird but that’s how it all plays out. Remember, the Panda Update was based on an earlier update called the Farmer or Scraper Update. Google got sick of all the scraper websites that would take chunks of content from different sites and re-publish them on these blogs for either back linking or direct traffic purposes. Regardless, Google saw that this trend was filling the Internet with garbage pages. As a result, it released the Farmer or Scraper update to clean that up. A lot of that update’s DNA was also carried over into Panda. It is really just a sophisticated version of the Scraper update. As you can tell from this description, there are a lot of practical penalties applied to pages that have duplicate content.

So, how do you use PLR after the age of Panda?

Beside making the article your own – as mentioned above – there are no limits on how to use PLR articles. You could use them or email content, Twitter blasts, network platform content, forum marketing. But again, if you use it in a forum – make it your own. The only limit to how you could use PLR content is your imagination. It is cheap and is a very powerful tool. It gives you high quality content materials for cents on the dollar. Just make sure you buy it from the right sources.

Here are some of the best I know about:

AllstarPLR by Peggy Baron

PLR Mini Mart by Tiffany Dow (well-known writer)

 I know there are many more but I prefer these two when it comes to buying PLR. Beside that you can also hire a writer on Odesk for a few Dollars per article. Just be prepared that you have to add some extra work to make it “really you”. It is well worth though. It saves you a lot of time and you can get many more articles out because you don’t need to write everything from scratch.
Any ideas? Questions? Resources?
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  1. Justin says:

    This is a great article! Thanks for posting this; I think a lot of marketers do not realize the benefit of well-written PLR articles. I used to think it might be “cheating” but then came to the conclusion that it is no different than hiring someone to write a post directly.

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