Blogging Tips: How To Turn Your Blog Into A Drawing Card

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Blogging isn’t just about having text on your blog. If you are a creative person anyway you can have videos, photos, drawings, podcasts, and more. In fact, mixing it up a little makes a blog more interesting to a new visitor and cause continuous repeated visitors. In marketing terms, having more than just text on your blog will make your blog “sticky” and therefore increase your chances of selling whatever you have to offer. It doesn’t matter whether it is a service you’re providing or an affiliate product you’re promoting. Here some blogging tips about how to make your blog stand out of the crowd and how I will try to accomplish that to Living For Mondays in future.

Blogging Tips to stay organized

If you’re blogging regularly (or even if you’re not) it’s not hard to set up a schedule to implement the different types of blogging into your routine. If you’re using self-hosted WordPress for your blogs there is a plugin called “Editorial Calendar that you can use to keep yourself organized. It gives you a view of a calendar which in which you can plan the weeks’, months’, and year’s posting schedule in advance. I have it installed for a while here on Living For Mondays and it is much easier for me to keep track of what I have to do. It’s free so get it on your site asap 😉

 Here a screenshot:


I am planning to post specific kind of posts on each day of the week. For example, on Mondays I could have a post “Motivational Mondays” and write something motivational to get the week started, on Tuesdays I could publish a “Video of Tips and Tricks” for you. On Wednesdays you can participate in “Wordless Wednesday” and simply post a picture that represents your day or week, and submit the picture here at Living For Mondays so we can publish a “photo of the week”.  Thursdays could be Thankful Thursdays where I will try to find some extra special offers (maybe from products we as Internet Marketers need here for our sites). You can set up something similar for your own site. It works in every niche, if you like to brainstorm about it, please post in the comment section and I’m happy to “think with you”. The way you can go about this is endless.

You can also come up with a theme for each day of the week (again, it depends to your niche) so that you have an idea about what you’ll post and what method you’ll use. Before you start this, make sure you have a plan because it is better to make each post, whether it is a podcast, text, video, or just a picture stand out and look special. Our visitors deserve a certain quality and look to our blog, so that when they come back again and again they will never be disappointed. Fortunately, with WordPress you can actually schedule your blog posts in advance regardless of what media you use. This is really convenient when life happens and you can’t stick to your schedule. When you are set up for some days your readers won’t recognize that you were gone.

Where you can get free or low-cost images for your site:

Good blog designs are creative, yet not flashy and hard on the eyes. For me, it’s better to have a dark text with a light background and a nice supportive picture. You can get free and low cost pictures from a variety of places around the Internet such as:

Ensure that you read all the terms of service for any place that you either buy or download free pictures. They do usually have some rules and it is important to follow those rules. You can also take pictures on your own. Pictures taken even with your mobile phone will work fine on your blog because you just need a small resolution to make them stand out. So, if you see a scene that speaks to your target audience snap it, and soon you’ll find you have not only plenty of pictures to use for your blog but maybe even blog starters that spark ideas for what to blog about to your audience.

So all in all we can say that we “just” need to be creative. I know it sounds hard but with all the different mediums available it is well worth to explore them. I had so much fun to get my podcast up and running, doing interviews and now stumbling into slideshare – it was well worth the problems I had at the beginning. If you need support while brainstorming or if you like to have someone on your site you might consider to join the Living For Mondays Academy here.

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