Why To Use SpeakPipe – VoiceMail For Your WordPress Blog

May 12, 2013 1 Comment

voicemailWhen you create a website or blog and offer a service and/or product it’s all about one thing: serving your customer. If we want to get anywhere and make money online we need to serve our customer. Period. This starts with interaction on Facebook and does not end in answering emails but doing a bit ‘more’.

Over the last weeks I noticed a sign on the right side of a blog called “Send Voicemail”. How great is that? SpeakPipe is a tool which allows our customers to leave us a voicemail and us as the website owners to get in touch with them not just by email but answering their questions much more personally – with our own voice. It was not a big hassle to install the plugin. Actually it took me no more than a few minutes because it is a WordPress plugin you can use as any other plugin. Beside that, even if you use another blog platform or a HTML coded website, you can still install SpeakPipe.

The best is – SpeakPipe has a free plugin if you do not (first) get a lot of voicemails. After some time you can then increase to the paid options – if ever necessary because even the free plan allow you 20 messages per month up to 90 seconds long. If you don’t have a high traffic blog this might be enough first.These messages are sent to you as an Email. You can download them and reply.

As this tool is pretty new (at least to me) I thought I create a tutorial for my users so they see how to handle it. You can find the tutorial here. I’d love to get a voicemail from you, even if you just want to say “hi” 😉

You can download this free plugin from SpeakPipe here. You need to sign up though before you can access the plugin.

If nothing else, a service like that will make you stand out from the crowd. So far not many blogger have discovered SpeakPipe (at least when I read my preferred blogs I don’t see many who installed it yet).

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  1. I actually searched for some info on this when I saw SpeakPipe on another site, which brought me to your site. Thanks for that info.

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