Blogging Tips: How To Stay Disciplined With Your Blogging

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Usually when I start a new blog I’m full of enthusiasm and never seem to run out of things to say. I’m up every day writing on my blog, creating videos, and just enjoying every moment of the experience. Then, one day, I just run out of things to say and I feel stuck. Maybe you’ve experienced this already, or maybe you’re just getting started and want to ensure this does not happen to you, here are some blogging tips on how to stay focused:

Know your Niche

Once you have decided for a topic read about it as much as you can. You can wether search on Google, go to Amazon and look into books which allow an inside search, or go into forums of your niche and see what people looking for help with. It is important that you either know your niche well, or are willing to research the niche enough to write about it, or that you hire someone to do it. By knowing the niche you’ll know if you’re creeping outside of the niche with your articles, blogs and topics.

Know your Target Audience

Knowing your niche is not the same as knowing your audience. Your audience is part of your niche, but you’re not going to direct your content at every single person interested in the niche, but rather a smaller targeted audience. You should know what age your target audience is, what their fears are,  and what they need to know about the niche. After all, having a website and therefore an online business means to solve the problems for your audience. If you can solve their problems in high quality blog posts people will come and stick on your blog. Why shouldn’t I stick with someone who helps me?

Create an Editorial Calendar

Based on your research about your niche and the audience create an editorial calendar. You can base your calendar on some other things too such as what products you plan to promote during the year. Write everything down on your editorial calendar so that you can plan out the types of content you’ll put on your blog, the keywords you will target, as well as what the subjects will be. Having an overview helps tons. You simply stay more organized and when you finally sit down on your desk you can jump right into work mode. If I don’t have a plan I need much more time to get started. I always have my calendar next to me – it helps me to schedule things ahead or things I need to look at later etc.. You can use a calendar you have as a software on your computer but you can also use – just like I do – a simple notebook calendar (yes, I have a Snoopy one ;-)).

Plan Your Time

Set aside time each day for each aspect of working on your blog. If you’re doing it alone, set aside time just for creating content, and time for working on technology, and time for perfecting the look of your blog. If you do not set aside time for each aspect you’ll find yourself focusing on nonproductive tasks. The most productive tasks you can do when it comes to blogging is to get your keyword rich content up on your blog, so make that your primary focus over how it looks, you can improve that as you go. After all, content will be there even months or years later. It has direct impact on your marketing. Because the more content you have the more visitors from the search engines stumble over your blog. The same is valid for guest posting – once it is there it will bring you visitors for years to come (at least if your JV partner won’t delete the post but why should he?)

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