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Affiliate marketing is just one way to make money online. You have a website, you add so-called affiliate links to it and if someone clicks through your links and buys the product from the vendor you get a commission. Many industries work exactly like this, e.g. real estate agents or insurance brokers. They don’t say it loud but actually they don’t do anything but promoting a product from someone else and they get a commission when they sell it.

When you have your own website and sell a products over an affiliate link it is nothing else. The customer has no disadvantage. It won’t cost him anything extra. He searches for a product, reads a review someone provides (which helps him to make a decision if he should or should not buy the product) and then buys it from the vendor at the same cost. In this video you can learn more about affiliate marketing in a nutshell:

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Basic affiliate marketing involves finding a product, finding the traffic for it, and driving the traffic to the product and fine tuning it so that the traffic buys the product. It is very simple and straightforward but in reality, people give up and get stressed out when they don’t see results immediately. Still, this description is the bottom line. It is the basic equation. Β In the end the question is how do you put the different parts of this equation fit and flow together?

Here are my affiliate marketing strategies:

  1. Content drives traffic. Content is the key to the Internet. It is king. That is not an empty statement. That is the gospel of the Internet. If you have lousy content, people will not find you credible or authoritative. They won’t trust you. That is the bottom line because for people to do something, they have to trust what they read so that they can do that thing that you want them to do. See how this works? How do you earn their trust? Again, content. It is all about content.

  2. Create credible content. Creating credible content is very easy, actually. If you look at it from a purely theoretical perspective and strip it down of all the details, it really comes down to this: Identify a need and fill it. It is straightforward. People are only online because they have certain needs. They either need to entertain themselves or are looking for specific information or have a specific problem they need to fix. They are online for a purpose. The key is to zero in on that need and fill. That is what you use effective content for. A lot of people have this ‘field of dreams’ mentality that if they build content, people will come. It doesn’t work that way. You have to identify the need first, build around it, fine tune it and that’s when you have credible content.
  3. Effective affiliate marketing strategies must focus on a cost-benefit analysis. While you’re crafting content, landing pages, picking out right affiliate products, you have to focus a lot of your brain power on
    this key point. Effective affiliate marketing strategies must use a cost-benefit analysis. This means that whatever you spend, whether in terms of time, effort and money must be outweighed by the benefit that you get from doing that action. If not, you are just wasting your time. This is one key basic analysis that many affiliate marketers sadly don’t do. They put in all this effort, but they don’t really pay attention to the actual payoff. You might be pounding sand, putting in all this effort and the potential return is just minuscule. You only have so many hours in the day so you make sure that for every minute you spend doing something, the returns are worth it. When you promote a product which does not get any conversions, move to the next. There are so many out there, you have a lot to choose from.

  4. As I already said, it is important that you know the product you promote. If you, for example, want to promote the newest Internet Marketing product on Clickbank but have never looked at it – you won’t be able to say anything fundamental about it. If you are interested in the product anyway, purchase it and use it. If you like it and implement the strategies it was a good investment for your business. If you don’t like it, you have a 60-days money back guarantee on Clickbank.

Some months ago, when it just came out, I bought the course “Blogging with John Chow“. I did so although I consider him as pretty arrogant (or at least that it how he comes over) because I think he really is an expert on what he does. I thought I might get new insides in blogging and Internet Marketing and so this investment would be well worth my money. And really, it was. John delivers a great overview about blogging, including branding, monetizing, and building a loyal reader ship. What I personally like is the 30 Days Plan he offers. He gives newbies a step by step plan on what to do when they got through the course. Like here in the Living For Mondays Academy, John Chow gives some homework to do after finishing the basics. I really think that is what people like and need.

I don’t want to go in-depth here because this post is about affiliate marketing strategies and not about John Chow’s blogging course. But what I want to show you is that you can do a much better review based on what you have seen yourself rather than providing one based on what the sales page says. It is always good to talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly.


Here is a screenshot from the backend of the course. As I said before – this is also a way to show you that I know what I’m talking about because I proof that I really purchased the course and check it out. I do that not just to promote a course to you here on the blog but also to see what other marketers offer and if some material is missing in the Living For Mondays Academy. If so, I will go ahead an produce my own about a specific point made in the other’s blogging course. I do that because I want the LFM to be the ultimate resource. But yes, I also try to learn new strategies and stay ahead on my market. After all, learning can’t be wrong, or?

I hope you can see my affiliate marketing strategies and why I really prefer those over the “promote people in your list to death” approach.

Questions, comments or suggestions? Leave me a comment πŸ™‚

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  1. i liked ur post. it is very useful. those who wants to earn from online this would be a choice for them.

  2. Erin says:

    Hi Monja

    You’ve covered some very important points here. I see on so many sites that people don’t commit to a specific niche when they try to sell affiliate products. I think it is important to the success of any affiliate campaign to choose your products wisely. They have to be something you use yourself and are proud to promote and don’t promote everything under the sun!!

  3. Spencer says:

    It’s all about getting people to come to your website and possibly clicking links. Like you said, you need to find out what people want and need to see, and create that. It also has to be quality. If it’s not any of those, nobody will be coming to your website for any possibility of making money.

  4. Great advice, it really is a great opportunity to make money from digital marketing.

    • Monja says:

      Donald, you say it – there are so many possibilities. The main question is just how we stick to it and get things done πŸ™‚ How do you motivate yourself?

  5. Thanks for these strategies, it will be very helpful to all people who are promoting their business online. They can use these guide to be able to stay on track with the world wide web.

  6. John Michael says:

    There is a lot of ways to make money, making money online is one of them. There is also many ways from which you can earn online. Affiliate marketing surely a good one. Thanks.

  7. Jmmy Golden says:

    I thank you for this great post,yes I know Blogging with John Chow is a great affiliate product,I chose Bring The Fresh by Kelly Felix,if you can give it a look ,it will certainly surprize you,I can say that it is a must for advanced affiliates.

  8. Veronica says:

    Hi Monja,

    Thanks for this awesome post. I really enjoy reading it.

    Nice website btw, i like the design.


  9. Anupama Rao says:

    hi,I learnt affiliate marketing for your web page. your affiliate marketing strategies are awesome.Thank you,

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