The Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

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Benefits of Affiliate MarketingNowadays, many people want to earn money on the internet but do not know the many benefits of affiliate marketing. Unfortunately, they do not know what this is all about. Not a big surprise, since affiliate marketing in Germany is still in its early stages. In America, this kind of moneymaking is widespread and many people have made a fortune. We have compiled for you a comprehensive home page.

In this article I want to demonstrate the benefits of affiliate marketing:

Low start-up capital:

Perhaps one or the other who reads this now has tried building up a lucrative self-employment in renting premises and selling products or service to customers in the past. If yes, then you know exactly how much initial capital you need to open one shop. Those who have never done this before can certainly imagine what it means to purchase goods, to pay a deposit upfront for the rented rooms and to have enough money to live on for the next few months.

This is different in affiliate marketing.

You don’t need much. Probably you already have a computer and an Internet connection at home. Not even a desk is necessary but it’s more convenient in the long run. Then you still need a word processing program, a domain name and a storage for your website.

No production costs:

Actually, anyone who wants to sell something has to buy or manufacture goods before he can sell. So it is known but for affiliate marketing this is not the case. The product which you will sell has already been produced by some other person. So you don’t have production costs or purchase costs, which require a lot of capital. The products you will sell are made by others (with their money) and are ready to be sold.

No experience required:

Maybe you could gain some experience as a seller of a product or maybe you don’t have a clue of it and you are from a completely different profession. No matter – for the affiliate marketing you need no previous experience or any experience in sales. You will work together with companies, which will help you to make money and they will provide all what you need (the necessary marketing materials and sales strategies).

What can you not sell on the Internet?

There is (almost) nothing, what is not sold on the Internet. The Internet is huge. It is not confined to one location such as your city; it reaches people all over the world. There are millions of affiliate programs offering every conceivable product. There are Millions of products, which you can use to be successful with affiliate marketing. This makes it so brilliantly simple for you to find items for your new website.

No personnel cost:

Wages and salaries for staff and employees are very high, at least in the “normal” life – these are the largest operating expenses. You might have already experienced that if the operation is in the red then first of all workers will be dismissed. The wage costs may force many companies in the knee.

If you eventually need someone to help you out, then you can find someone, who works from home on his computer and do the work for you. Then it’s done for you. You do not need half-time workers, or full time employees. On the Internet one looks for professionals, who only do the special work. You only pay for the work that is current. Thus all social security contributions for employees fall away.

Dealer cost:

In affiliate marketing there are no dealer costs. The dealer bears all costs of the goods you will sell.

Storage of goods:

As an affiliate marketer you don’t even need a warehouse. You can easily earn money in a tiny room or from your sofa. No matter what, the seller stores the goods, not you!

Ordering products:

In affiliate marketing, there are no orders of products for you, no purchase fees, no advance payments for product purchases, no names of the buyers and no transfers to specific dates. The distributors assume all of the products you will sell.


Have you ever tried to sell something on eBay? Then you already know for sure that the delivery is associated with labor and cost. As an affiliate marketer you do not need packing materials and no stamps, you do not even have to bring the goods to the post office.

Customer Service:

Sometimes customers can be very stressful. They carp if they do not like something or when they want return the goods to get the money back. You have nothing to do. That is the task of the supplier for whom you have put the affiliate links on your homepage. However, a good affiliate marketer offers also customers support to its customer and he should be familiar with the advertised product.

Trading hours:

As an affiliate marketer, your business is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You will sell when you just cook dinner, go shopping, lying on the couch or at night when you sleep. Who can say the same as a sole trader?

Internet Marketplace:

The Internet is the world’s largest marketplace; no store can get involved with so many people such as the Internet. No local store in the world can keep customers as many as they want at the same time. But you can let in as many buyers in your business as you want, assuming of course that your website gets enough visitors.

Work from anywhere:

As an affiliate marketer you can work from anywhere. The advantage of working from home is obvious. You do not need a car, train or bike to rush to your workplace in all weather. You can sit in your pyjama or with wet hair at the computer, the coffee next to you and see once how much money you earned in your sleep.

Even in a cafe, at a friend’s place or on vacation you can keep an eye on your affiliate business. Although this sounds very simple – to be honest, it is not that simple. To build up a business you need time, energy and patience.

Go bankrupt:

You can’t go bankrupt with affiliate marketing. If the product that you offer just do don’t sell, simply remove your links and sell something different. There are no long-term contracts that tie you to a seller.


Actually, if you are still working in a “normal” job, you can do overtime or you can take a second job in order to earn more money.

Affiliate marketing depends on your content of enthusiasm, your ambition and your joy to earn money.

Do you want to know more about affiliate marketing?

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