Keyboard Shortcuts

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Ctrl (cmd) + a select all

Ctrl (cmd) + b write bold

Ctrl (cmd) + c copy all

Ctrl (cmd) + d jump to the end of the text

Ctrl (cmd) + e jump to the middle

Ctrl (cmd) + f  search

Ctrl (cmd) +  g go to

Ctrl (cmd) +  h replace

Ctrl (cmd) +  i slash

Ctrl (cmd) + j  grouped style

Ctrl (cmd) + k link

Ctrl (cmd) + m increase indention

Ctrl (cmd) + n new document

Ctrl (cmd) + o open document

Ctrl (cmd) –  p print

Ctrl (cmd) –  r write left

Ctrl (cmd) –  s save

Ctrl (cmd) –  t  open in new tab

Ctrl (cmd) –  u underline

Ctrl (cmd) –  v  add what you’ve copied before

Ctrl (cmd) –  w close document

Ctrl (cmd) – x  cut

Ctrl (cmd) –  y  restore last step

Ctrl (cmd) –  z undo

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