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Building an Internet Business requires time, effort and perseverance

It requires a lot of effort and perseverance to set up your own business on the Internet– don’t dream of getting rich fast with this. However, who really stays tuned, has already half won. Ultimately, it is possible to set up your own small business with a website and to pay your bills from these earnings.

Step by step- making money with your own blog

Many people imagine making money from the internet. However, many are also reluctant to get intensively involved with the relatively new medium of the Internet. The problem is that now everybody is used to shopping online, or looking up information on the internet, but believing that you can actually make money with the internet only happens to a few people.

Many people ask themselves:

• What software do I need if I want to create my own website?

• How can readers find me?

• What should I write about and how do I write it so that it appeals to my readers?

• How to design a user-friendly website without first learning PHP / HTML and CSS?

• How do I earn any money with the site?


This list goes on and on. At Affiliate Marketing Lab Academy you will learn in small steps, and you will get personal attention to help you implement what you learn in your own website. We will show you an overview of these, series and present each step need to take.First of all: There is no “one way” to guarantee success. Unfortunately, success requires a lot of experience, therefore, it is a good idea to get yourself personal training. Also, you don’t only want to have short-term success, but also a long term successful business.Particularly as beginners, my mother and I made a few mistakes with our first blog. We knew how to write an article and how to optimize it so that it would climb rank in the search engines -unfortunately, we ignored that we should write articles that sell products (in one or another). So we started with motivation and enthusiasm, added numerous articles on many topics, and found out, after some time, that the subject (lifestyle magazine) was not easy to cover with just two people.

We also started a blog within the niche “Bachblüten“. This site has climbed in the search engines, and has some good articles, however, the products are “low” in price, so our share of the sales percentage of course is not high. Here, however, sooner or later it will make the amount that is being implemented.All these errors can now be avoided by proper planning and the right coaching.

Here’s a brief overview of what you, in the series “earn money with blogs”, can expect:



That’s this article here.

2. Preparation: From the idea to research 

  • A successful blogger is different from an unsuccessful blogger. A successful blogger thinks about the right key words, the “right” visitors and the right layout before he starts. Finding a niche is essential; the right or wrong niche can often determine whether a blog is successful or not.


3.Domain registration, software and hosting 

  • In the third instalment of the series, we will look at choosing the right provider, the registration of a domain, and the appropriate software (which we  use for our blog): WordPress.


4.Blog Design 

  • The design of a blog can determine whether your reader will hopefully read the fantastic content immediately or they will press the “back button” of the browser. In this part of the series we will show you how to make a user- friendly blog design and invite the reader to stay.


5.Content creation from the start 

  • Every good start needs an outline. That’s what we want to create first before your first visitor stops by. It is also a good idea to set a strategy about which content will be included on your blog.



  • For your own health, it is important that you develop a strategy on how to get ahead with a blog, but also remember not to give up your social environment. A successful blog thrives on fresh content, so you need a plan on how to implement it well.


7.Tips for a successful start 

  • Finally, you have done it. Your first own website is online. Now, it’s time to maintain this website, but also to attract visitors and get them as “regular readers”.


8.Search engine optimization and why it makes sense for your product 

  • In this part of the course we will resume the topic of how to precisely optimize your blog for the search engines.



  • The blog is online, the content is written, but  you have no visitors. In this article, you will learn how to promote your blog so that you get visitors to your site.


10.Earn money with blogs 

  • As a business we need to make sure that at some point money will be earned. There are different ways to implement affiliate marketing and Adsense for your own product and we will  introduce some of these.

11.The secrets of successful blogs

  • In this part of the series you will learn why some blogs attract 1000s of visitors and others earn just a few cents. The “recipes for success” are always the same.


12.Q & A: Blog Criticism 

  • In the 12th Part of the series, everyone who has his own blog and has been working on this in recent weeks, will get a video review from us. Please focus on this and let us know which parts of this series you have implemented in your business.



  • In the final part of the series, we will put it all together and describe some strategies that can be implemented so that the blog remains an emerging business


Practical examples & questions & requests & problems

In this series, I will use existing blogs, and I will show good and bad examples of our own blogs, or even of our readers, and I will give you tips on how you can improve it. Mistakes are there to learn from them, so I hope that many readers will participate and submit their own blog.


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