Different Types Of Posts Your Readers Love (Part 1)

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There are 19 different types of posts which provide your readers valuable information.

These can be divided into 2 major types:

  1. Articles which provide readers with valuable information. Normally, it takes no less than 8-10 hours until you have written the post, added all the relevant information, put together the appropriate videos, and/or created PDFs or Mind Maps. These items are valuable to your blog and can bring you a lot of visitors. Your goal is to create content which other marketers would sell.
  2. Short articles; you can see this on many blogs. This “filler articles” should give the reader an idea that he can implement immediately. Also, these posts can extend the reach of your blog if they are used correctly.

Below, you will find 19 different post ideas that can give your blog a boost in credibility and traffic:

1. Posts with long lists

We humans love lists. When you create a good list post, this may mean that you will get immediate attention in your niche. A good example of a long list of posts is this blog post. Top List Posts are a collection of a valuable resource for a particular topic; you can use list posts in any niche. You “just” have to come up with something that people need or want to achieve in your chosen niche.


– 57 ways to help your blog get more visitors

– 29 ideas to quickly build backlinks

– 18 ideas on how you can have an affordable holiday

2. The ultimate resource

This Post-type belongs to the material that other marketers would sell. You will bring all possible information together, check the issue from all sides and give this to your audience for free. In summary, one can say that you are providing, through this kind of post, a detailed solution to your readers regarding a major problem faced by people within your niche. The fact that you give this valuable information away for free, will build trust. Selling a product will be so much easier if you give away an article that took a lot of work to create and provides a lot of information for free – it tells the readers that your products for purchase are have even more value.

Here are some ideas on how you can write an “Ultimate Resource”:

■ Provide your readers a step-by-step solution, without leaving something out.

■ Record videos and demonstrate how to use and how to convert the information.

■ Add screenshots to your blog post so that you also prove that  what you teach will work.

■ Add links to websites of other experts on the subject.

Obviously, the key to an “ultimate resource” is that your information is very useful. The article should be a standard work on a subject that your readers can implement immediately. Examples are: The Podcasting Tutorial by Patt Flynn and our guide “Pinterest for Business“.

3. Case Study

Case studies provide a blog credibility. It is not just talking about a subject, you are also talking about examples from real life. A case study shows in detail a particular technology, you may have applied. The “case study post” is a post similar to the ultimate resource, where you should add videos, screenshots and insert links to other resources. Add evidence that the described process works. Your readers will love this kind of post because they will have a detailed guide on what really works. Yes, you only need to follow the same process  you already described. An example is our post on “Building an email list with Welcome Splash“.

Other examples:

– How I got an expert on some unknown territory within 24 days

– How I lost 10 lbs in just one month

– How I changed my life completely within 44 days

These posts can be written for any niche and if correctly applied, be very valuable to your readers.


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