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I do not know what you think but when I have a plan, then work is going to be much easier than without a plan. I do not mean a long-term plan. I mean, a plan which I can process daily, not only to advance my business but also to keep the sources of income that I already have. This also includes the creation of digital products and not only the creation of newsletters or writing new articles for my site. It is essential to reflect and to increase your own productivity in order to survive in the Internet as a marketer.

If I don’t have a plan then I feel like I’m lost and I feel that my business is not advanced. I fear that the feeling is quite right. For this reason, my mother and I made it to our habit to draw up a plan of what we want to create in the next week, every Friday morning. When the work for today is done then you can work ahead of time – so you can take off a day or simply leave the office for that day 😀

We soon realized that this is the only way to be satisfied with our work, since we have the feeling of being “done”, but we also can implement set goals consistently (at least most).

At the beginning of the month we usually go out for breakfast. There we catch our calendar and set the goals for the month and also plan the first week of the month, so that we every Friday, as described above, discuss the progress we have made and what has to be done next week.

It took us several months till we found this solution. We experimented a lot, bought a wall calendar, had written plans, entered all into the computer and at the end we found that it did not help to go forward and also to be satisfied.

Especially, when you are independent and work without a boss in your neck, then it can quickly happen that you jump from one project to another. Maybe you’re not so lucky and you cannot build your business with a family member or friend. To work alone requires in online marketing even more self-discipline.

When you are just in the beginning then you are here in the right place because everyone needs someone to help him to organize tasks and to find some business routine.

Blogging calendar to increase your productivityAt the end  of the year, I discovered  that the blogging Calendar by Lynette Chandler is a good tool. Although I would be quite willing to pay for this calendar you can download it for free from Lynette’s website Blogenergizer.

What makes this blogging calendar so valuable?

In online marketing it is not just about working all day, posting in forums, post comments and socialize on Facebook and Twitter. Rather it is also about working on a daily routine schedule to make money.

Lynette distinguishes between ‘Money Now’ (earning money right now), ‘Money Later’ (to earn money later) and ‘No Money’ (earning no money) tasks. This is a very important point – you can make the mistake to work a lot but you manage to finish very few tasks that lead to earning money.

From this, many aspiring Internet marketers draw the conclusion that earning money on the internet does not work. Too bad, you “just” have to take look more closely at your work and to do so, the calendar is a great help.

First, I have a plan for when I publish and what post I publish; whether I will create a post series or not and what kind of post I will write. Secondly, I also have a close eye on whether I have enough ‘Money Now’ tasks to work on, so that enough money is in my wallet to pay the bills at the end of the month. I wrote a post, I can even ‘check off’ to which social networks I have promoted this.

What are typical ‘Money Now’, ‘Money Later’ and ‘No Money’ tasks?

‘Money Now’ – Instant making Money tasks

Typical ‘instant money’ tasks are tasks that brings money in your pocket in a very short time, e.g. in a week or a few days. This includes newsletter, articles with affiliate links (if you already have an audience), but also the creation of small products- e.g. Reports that are 10-20 pages long and solve a specific problem.

‘Money Later’ – Later earn tasks

A newly created niche site does not earn money for you straight away but in a way it will contribute to your income in foreseeable future. ‘Money Later’ tasks are important for the development of your business, but you get no revenue as long as you work on it. For this reason, you should invest 30% of your time to these tasks, but not much more. More ‘Money Later’ tasks for me are: development of new niche sites, buying reseller products and also the entering of the items in stores. The link building, creating products or writing guest posts belongs to the typical ‘Money Later’ tasks.

‘No Money’ – No money tasks

‘No Money’ tasks are tricky – you have to satisfy them (e.g. answering e-mails, postings, or social media marketing), but they do not directly bring money. A new Internet marketer often loses himself in these tasks and works himself many times’crooked and humpy’ – and in the end he achieved nothing or less.

Conclusion: In order to be successful as an Internet marketer, you need to develop a strategy on how you will sort out and review your goals and your dreams; as well as  how much time you will invest in certain goals.

A helping hand is the Blogging Calendar, which you can download here

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