What Puts An Informational Website Apart?

November 6, 2013 3 Comments

When you are running an informational website, you will have offered potential clients a way of getting you whatever time of day or even night, they may be in search of what you offer. You will certainly have to know a little on how you may boost the level of quality and traffic of your site. You will need to get more traffic to stop by your online office.

With as many as 180 million websites live on the web nowadays, think of the way you will build a site that people will never forget. You can establish an informational website that is truly unique, make people keep coming back and even spread the word to their connections.

Developing a noticeable informational website demands developing a product, that is first class in many different respects.

 Quality Information

You will discover that the most essential area of an informational website is the information on its own. When you have great info, you may get plenty of other issues wrong yet still achieve success.

The level of quality of the information you have has to be first class. You must have properly researched, good quality information that one cannot get anywhere online (which is pretty hard these day).

Make sure you offer information that is really unique, you can find different ways of wording the exact same stuff which have been written on other websites. But that alone won’t help, you need to put your own unique spin on it. Spice your information with your own experiences, pictures, screenshots or personal stories. Draw your own conclusions and present your information in other ways than your competitors do. You can always create an audio file, a video or whatever other medium you prefer to deliver your messages.


The top sites online contain some form of personality. Most people see such personalities subconsciously then either like these or even dislike them.

When you are not intentionally managing your sites personality, users may simply make their own judgments. Therefore, it is a lot better to put some conscious effort into developing this personality.


The layout of the site plays a major role in the overall experience of the end user. In case you are not an expert designer, think about using the services of someone to do your website. Their services are costly compared to carrying it out on your own; nonetheless, it can make a big difference.

Endeavor to build a design that will truly generate a brand. You should ensure that your logo, as well as your color theme, goes with the overall look you would like for your website.


Many people often trust proven brands. Websites such as Mayo Clinic, About.com and others, have many going for them. Nevertheless, the most significant things, which sets them apart from others is because they have been in existence for some time.

For you to apply this principle to a completely new website, you should think with regards to years instead of months when you start your website. Site owners who launch sites attempting to earn money in a few months are usually disappointed.

If you would like to build an informational website that is unique, see it as a product and make an effort to build a product that will survive for long.

Business Execution

A site needs to have sound business implementation if it is bound for success. You must have strong marketing deals, ability to co-ordinate outsourcers, great SEO and even great sales funnel to name a few.

The above-mentioned details are essential things, which help a site to be noticeable. You must not try to build second-rate sites, rather, aspire to build informational websites, which will really stand out.

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  1. Hey Monja,

    Another great delivery by you! 😀

    I experienced that people love to read posts about experiences. Writing stories, including visual stuff do wonders that attract wider audience.

    One more great way to deliver our message is using Podcast. Best way to deliver our voice directly to the readers without spending time in writing up the text.

    • Monja says:

      Thanks a lot, Ankit for your comment and sticking around! I agree about podcasting, I started with it, even interviewed Pat Flynn and then got lost somehow. Silly me, I need to get back on these things for sure.

  2. Sebastian says:

    Content is king ; )

    But really, I like that you mentioned style. And I wasn’t expecting longevity. I’m a new blogger so I appreciate you noting that. Long term success it is then.

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