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setting-goals-bloggingIf you want to achieve your goals for blogging then you have to actually set them. Your goals do not have to be what everyone else’s goals are. You may have a goal to get exposure for yourself, or to make connections, earn money, or simply express yourself. Your goals for blogging are your own, you decide what they are. But, it is important to set these goals, one way or another. Without writing down your goals and planning them out, you may not succeed. Much like you create a map or use GPS when you go on a trip to avoid getting lost, you can create a map to reaching your goals for blogging.

By knowing what your goal is, you can then choose your course of action better. The type of content you choose to present to your audience is very different if you want to earn revenue compared to if you want to gain exposure. Just like expressing yourself is different from promoting a product. If you know the ultimate goal, which can change from month to month and year to year, you can create an awesome winning plan that will get the results you want.

Let’s look at some examples for getting exposure, making money, self-expression and connecting with others below:


Make myself known to my target audience by creating compelling, interesting and keyword rich content on my blog, by guest blogging, article marketing, and sharing content via social media. To this end I will:

  1. Post five keyword rich blog posts a week on my blog
  2. Post 1 keyword rich general article per week on article marketing sites
  3. Guest blog on one blog per week where my expertise is needed
  4. Keep in touch with list members by sending friendly newsletters mentioning events
  5. Host a webinar a month and market it on all channels

Make Money

Create product reviews for affiliate products that I find useful in my daily life while blogging about daily life that is related to the use of said products.

  1. Post an article a day about daily life, mentioning the products that I use with affiliate links, focusing on a different product each month.
  2. Send out a newsletter that promotes the products that I use once a week
  3. Post on article marketing sites general articles that market my website and blog once a week
  4. Send out notices via social media about products I use


Post articles on my blog that express my point of view about current events.

  1. Post one blog post five days a week about a new current event each day and my views about it. Hold nothing back.
  2. Send out a newsletter to my audience each time I post a new article
  3. Send out notices to social media networks each time I post a new post
  4. Comment daily on other people’s opinions in forums and blogs, shoot for ten comments a day

Creating Connections

Use my blog to create connections with other bloggers and my niche

  1. Post response blogs on my blog to someone else’s blog once a week
  2. Post one blog post a week about my niche
  3. Post five article about my niche on article marketing sites
  4. Guest blog post for people who have blogs complementary to my niche
  5. Participate in social media networking daily by answering and sharing at least five twitter comments, three Facebook updates, and comment on at least two forum posts about my niche
  6. Make at least one new friend each day on social media

Whatever you do, be specific. Really write down what you want to accomplish because just if you know the numbers you can see if you have been successful. Then add your daily tasks to your notebook calendar and scratch them off once you have them accomplished.

Now, sit down and create your own goals for your blog this year, month or even week. It doesn’t matter what your goal is, as long as you set one, and then write down the specific steps you will take to reach that goal. A goal is only a dream if you don’t have explicit directions to reach the goal. Once you break it into smaller pieces you can really make it, it’s just a question of time and consistency. Challenge yourself and set your goals high but not so high that you will get discouraged. For example, if I plan a bigger project such as writing an eBook or here with adding content to the Academy, I write down everything I need to do until my product is finished. Once that is done, I split it into portions I can accomplish five times per week. That is important because this way you see progress every day.

I know it is not easy, but once you have sticked to your schedule for 30 days it will get much easier. Everything you accomplish for at least one month gets a habit. That is why we have our newsletter include a free 30 days plan – it’s an easy 20-30 minute task per day but if you stick to it you really got a lot done every month.

Sign up here, it’s FREE –>

And then, it’s a habit and you can even do more and get your business rolling.

Good luck, and don’t forget – the journey is the reward.

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