How To Get Great Article and Blog Post Topics

November 8, 2013 4 Comments

If you are an online marketer, then you will have to face a time when you will have nothing to write about. Finding Blog post topics is a big problem for any online marketer. The thing you need to recover this critical condition is all about ideas. An idea will help you to create great article or blog posts. You can hire someone who will help you in getting a proper idea for you. Or he can also help you with writing your contents.

Five ways are given below for you to find out topics for great article and a blog posts.

  1. Grab a magazine on your coffee table. Take it and have a look at the cover of it. This is not just a magazine for you. It can be a great resource for you. Just look at the headlines and write them down. They are always like the structure below:
    •  _____tips to _____
    • Learn how to____today
    • The _____secrets to_____

    After writing the headlines of your magazines, you need to replace the main keywords with the  keywords of your own. Choose keywords depending on the niche that you work in. You will be able to write ten blog posts or articles by having ten headlines which you took from the cover of the magazine. You can try this process for any kind of magazines which is not related to your business’ industry. There are different magazines available at present; you need to observe some of them. They follow the same kind of structures most of the time. By observing different topics, you will be able to get different structures. It will be helpful for you by rendering different ideas.

  2. You can also visit the social networking sites for reading posts that are related to your niche. You will be able to read the latest posts and also get latest information about your industry by visiting the pages. You will be able to get huge ideas for your content and there are lots of chances for this. In an ideal blog post, there will be some issues or something that goes against an opinion. So you need to find out the matter of dispute and expand that matter. It will help you to create valuable content. A comment of a person in the social networking post can be a good source of an article too. Reading comments are helpful for having ideas of writing content. So read comments on the social networking posts to find ideas for more articles. Then expand your idea about that topic. It will make you get involved in that matter. The other people will also be attracted and this is an effective way of writing effective content.
  3. You can read your own blog. There will be some comments on every post. You need to review those comments. You need to concentrate on the questions which have been asked different times. Besides the questions, you need to concentrate on the answers of the questions. They can provide great ideas to you which may help you in writing contents in an effective way. So review your past posts and the comments carefully. Then try yourself for creating your own content depending on that idea.
  4. Another way is reading personal comments on different blogs or forums or some other sites. It can be a great source. Most of the time, these comments help to create a blog post together. So no need to do anything without combining the previous comments. You need only to combine all the comments related to a post or a specific subject. Apply your creativity in it for making that as blog content or articles for your website. So search for the previous comments of yours on different blogs or sites. Collect them and use them for creating your own content. Apply your own experiences too for making them perfect for your website.
  5. You can make a list. If you are working hard for having ideas about content, you need to write down a number of ideas and after that you should track them one after another. Getting a number of ideas is very easy online when you visit other’s website.

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  1. Hey Monja,

    Great suggestions to recover from writing block.

    I’m using Google searches, youtube videos, QNA sites to get ideas for my latest blog posts.

    One more thing that we can do is checking out the blog communities like Bizsugar, BlogEngage etc. Really great places to get content ideas. 🙂

  2. Sebastian says:

    I agree on reading people’s comments.

    What I do to come up with posts ideas is: I will go around my daily day and talk to people about ideas that I have. This will generally create a discussion. They will have questions, point of views, arguments, etc.

    I use that to come up with a post. My posts are usually well thought answers to stuff people have mentioned to me in real life.

  3. Bruce says:

    Great ideas. Thanks!

  4. Dr. Diana says:

    Hi Monja,

    I was searching for blog post ideas for my blog then I found your article. I am agree with Ankit. By Google and Youtube search we can get a lot of ideas for blog post writing.

    Currently, my blog has less posts but soon I will publish more quality content on my blog.

    Good luck for future posts.


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