Build Your Blog: Idea And Preparation

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Idea and preparation

You need a quite good and intense preparation to launch a new website to life or build your blog. Even if you build your blogbuild your own blog and business for fun, you’ll will certainly think about the framework beforehand.

What do I need for a successful blog

Most of us do not want to blog just for fun but to achieve revenue. Many sell their goods or provide services. They blog in order to present the products they sell better. These companies want to make themselves and their services known through a blog by connecting with their customers.

A blogger has to work hard to earn money

First of all, everyone should be clear about a few rules:

Is there a guarantee of success?

No – all books, DVDs and trainings can not give you a success guarantee; you have to be ready to work hard on your blog and to implement what you have learned. There are a number of principles in order to have success, such as motivation, diligence and endurance. Perhaps it is easier with a bit of luck but I would not count on it. Perhaps you have heard the following phrase before:

I really believe in luck,” wrote Thomas Jefferson. “And I have had the experience. The harder I work, the luckier I get”

This speaks from the heart and soul of a blogger: only those, who are willing to work hard, will earn an income with their blogs.

The first own blog: success or experience

When the first own blog is ready, then you are very proud. All of those, who are successful today and have a lot of fans and subscriber, have started like you today. Maybe they needed two or three attempts to create the one and only blog where they finally made money from.

Through the creation of websites, which might bring in a profit, you can at least gain a lot of experience and then work with the right attitude of a great site.

How long does it take

Your own website, which makes money , does not arise overnight. The first few weeks or even months are very difficult. First, you need to get the visitors on your site. This is something you can accomplish by advertising. Second, a blog needs content, and a lot of that, to make from your one-time visitors visitors regular readers. Now, if you stay tuned then success will come soon.

Can bloggers live from their revenues

Perhaps many have the dream to escape their old job and to live from the income on the Internet. This doesn’t have to be a dream. You just have to keep in mind that it is not easy to make your money this way. It depends on discipline  and hard work to make money as a self-employed on the Internet. So if you still want to build a website, after seeing the paw in his face, you might be ready for success.

Where do I want to get with my website?

Either you can try with your blog to earn a little extra income or you can reach in foreseeable time, a full-time income. Everyone should decide this on his own. The workload you have to expect depends on that. Answering this question will show you what you want to accomplish and where you will be 1 or 2 years.

Find a niche

Most of those people, who want to create their own blog, have already an idea in mind. For all those, who still do not know what the niche should be, here are some tips.

What is a niche site?

Often a niche site has less competition, therefore it has no strong demand. Thus it is very likely only small revenues will be generated but also with less work has to be done. Nevertheless, a niche site also needs to be maintained. When you create a site or a niche site you should put a lot of emphasis on the question what  your own interests and preferences are. The topic should be of passion and amazement. You do not have to be a professional in this field, but some basic knowledge should already be in place. If your site can solve the problems and needs of other people; that’s a big advantage.

Is there a demand for your theme?

Before you create a new website, you should investigate whether the subject has a high search volume. You can analyse the most important keyphrases with Market Samurai and you can find out how many people search for this keyword. Additionally, with Market Samurai, you can easily find out how many sites are around for a similar topic and use these keywords you are looking for. You should also check out, if there are enough ways to monetize your site.

In our Academy, you’ll learn how keyword research works. However, Market Samurai also offers some great tutorials on using the software.

In the third part of the series, you will learn more about the domain name registration, software and hosting.


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