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Especially as Internet Marketers, we cannot stop learning. Personally, I love to learn with videos. Therefore, I put some video trainings for online marketers together you’ll need. Of course, you can get a lot of videos on our YouTube Channel. But sometimes you need a complete course to dig deep into a subject. If you really want to learn something in-deepth, you better invest into a video training. On the one hand, a video training is much cheaper than a course on a community college. On the other hand, it is also nice to learn with something you can rewind – if you haven’t understood the content of the part, you can just watch it again.

For Christmas, I got a PHP & MySQL Course and loaded the videos to my iPad. You can’t learn any better – e.g. when my husband watches soccer I often use my earphones, plug them into the iPad and watch my video training – you can’t learn any better. By now, I already have a little collection of video trainings and I often watch them again at a later time.

For English speakers there is also an alternative on the market. is one of the best websites to learn new programs available. For a monthly fee, you can learn nearly every program available for computer and Internet but also about photography. You can check out here – the good thing is that you can cancel at any time and therefore Lynda is, e.g. for me, very cost-effective. When I need to learn something I go there, subscribe and unsubscribe as soon as I understood.

If you prefer to own a video training, here are some which helped me a lot for my Online Business:

To be honest with you upfront, when I buy a video training I usually get a German version so I have not seen this special version – but I wanted to give you some knowledge you really need as an Internet Marketer and a way to learn it easily.

Adobe Photoshop Elements for Beginners

adobephotoshopelementsAnyone, who has a website, has to create a graphic sooner or later. Of course, you do not need to own Photoshop. Photoshop Elements is the little brother of Photoshop and much cheaper. You’ll get all important tools you need as an Internet Marketer. You can create all kind of graphics and even if you do not have any experience in image editing – Photoshop Elements is much easier to conquer than Photoshop. This video training offers 71 video tutorials with 12 hours of training. Your instructor does not just give you an overview of the interface but also digs into the advanced features of Photoshop Elements.

You can get the training here

Learning Search Engine Optimization


There is no way around SEO. Although SEO works today more with common sense than the idea of beating Google we still need to do some Off and OnPage Optimization. As a leading expert in his niche, Kevin Bates shows the dos and don’ts of SEO. In 61 videos he breaks even the most complexapplications down into simplistic steps which makes this training well worth for beginning and intermediate user. If you are already a member of the Living For Mondays Academy, you won’t find many news in the training because we teach SEO also in depth. Sign up here.

If you are looking for the video training, please go here

Social Media Marketing All-in-One For Dummies Book

video-trainings-for-online-marketersThis bundle is not just a video training but also comes with a book. It offers techniques and advice on popular social media sites such as Pinterest, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and so on. More importantly, in the video training Jan Zimmerman shows you how to build a strategy for social media marketing as well as the best way to market your site on the popular platforms. You also discover how to create memorable content and how to measure your results and therefore success. Again, we cover that also here in the Academy if you prefer learning with us here.

Grab the Social Media Marketing Bundle here

Google Adwords for The Small Business

Google Adwords for The Small BusinessYou can lose a fortune on Google Adwords if you don’t know what you do. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to learn more about Google Adwords before you start setting up your campaigns there. It can be still a very profitable way to advertise but just if your ad is really specific and if your targeted keywords are not too expensive per click. The video training Google AdWords for The Small Business is a great way to learn how to master Google Adsense in 500 minutes of training.

Get the Google Adwords training here

Successful Powerpoint Presentations

killer-powerpoint-presentationThe well-known Internet Marketer Jim Edwards shows you in no more than two hours how to create a convincing PowerPoint presentation. When you present something about your topic and record it to upload to YouTube you can be sure that not half of the people who start your video will watch it until the end. But if your video is entertaining you have a much better chance to get attention. The good thing is that the training is that you can watch the training over Amazon Instant Video once you sign up.

Watch your video training here

As an Internet Marketer, never stop learning – you shouldn’t do in whatever job you work but things seem to run faster online. You need to know some pieces from many categories to be really successful.

Don’t forget: The journey is the reward.




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