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Girl on Twitter BirdIn 2007, Twitter came as an independent company to the market.

Twitter is a social media platform that gets more and more users. On Twitter, short messages will be published up to 140 characters in real time. Twitter has about 4 million users and is available in nearly 30 languages.

For website owners or entrepreneurs, Twitter is like Facebook, very interesting in order to attract customers.

If you want to send messages, first of all you need to register at Twitter. This works very easily. You can set a photo of you or a logo of your website on Twitter just in few minutes. You will be redirected step by step.

In order to get a better understanding of Twitter, you’ll find here an explanation of the various terms in our Twitter Glossary:



Twitter = tweeting, writing on Twitter



Write a post with a maximum of 140 characters



With followers are meant other Twitter users which you can follow or they can follow you.



On Twitter, the hash sign is called a hashtag. It refers to a particular topic. By clicking this hashtag you can search all contributions to the topic or read.

Retweet (RT)

To repeat a post from another user is called ReTweet. This is done in order to pass a message to others that you think is important.


Timeline (TL)

A timeline is an ordered sequence of messages from Twitter users who follow.


Trend Themen

The trend themes are shown in a list on the right side of the Twitter page. There you will find most popular themes.



The Twitter Wall is a “black board” for events. On this wall, tweets will be put together which are intended as information for Twitter users who were unable to attend events.


The contributions of the Twitterers connect to a detail page, to provide more information.

The readers subscribe to the tweets and thereby become followers. The posts can be commented by other readers, but only when you write a @ ……………… (Twitter name) at the beginning of the comment. If the Twitter name is in the middle or at the end of the text, it is a greeting or something like e.g. Happy Easter @ …………….

But you can send a direct message to your followers which are only to them accessible. All you need is only the “SEND A DIRECT MESSAGE” button.

In addition, there is also the “Twitter Search”. In this tab you can use to refine the search for like-minded people. This is similar to Google. If you click on the link OPERATORS, everything will be explained in detail.


Twitter can be used to chat with friends in real time but also for your business to send news to your followers.


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