How to Make Money with the Amazon Affiliate Program

May 20, 2013 21 Comments

amzn_assoc_gm-box-smile-mca_300x250When it comes to affiliate programs, Amazon pretty much is the grandfather of the affiliate program model. Sure the affiliate program system was invented by somebody else pushing another program. But when it comes to truly making it a household name and indispensable to making money and selling stuff online, the credit has to go to Amazon. It got huge because of its affiliate program. The great news is that if you participate in the Amazon affiliate program, you too can get huge financially. The rewards are there. It is always looking for new affiliate partners to help them sell their products in a wide range of channels and verticals worldwide. It is a huge opportunity that you can participate in. You just have to do it right. A lot of people, especially newbie marketers, think that all that it takes to be an Amazon affiliate is to grab your affiliate code, get a blog, write a post and post a link. If you want to make money off the Amazon affiliate program, you have to do it right. What does this mean? It means that you have to offer real content and value.

Remember, it is good news to Amazon that you are putting up a blog selling stuff from their program but it is bad news for Google if you are publishing garbage content and you are filling the Internet with crap. Nobody wants that. It is bad for end-user, search engines that have to sift through that stuff and definitely bad for you because it erodes your online brand.

Amazon does not offer the highest commissions. But the more you sell the higher gets your commission. Beside that, Amazon does a great job on up selling. So while there, people most probably buy more than one product. If I think of myself, I buy all I can on Amazon, last but not least because of their uncomplicated exchange when something is broken.


How do you make money off the Amazon affiliate program the right way?

1.Be very targeted

You can’t open a general store with this affiliate program. Sure you can try but since your website will lack a specific focus, the chances of you making money are quite low. So you have to really focus on what kind of stuff you want to talk about on your website and what kind of stuff you want to sell from this program. It is that simple. So your content has to be specifically tailored.

2.Know your audience’s needs

Your audience obviously has a need to buy certain things. For many affiliates of this program, this is where the analysis ends. No, you should go further than this analysis. You have to look at how they process information, how they would like information formatted in such a way that they are excited about it. So this takes a little bit more of research and reverse engineering of your competition. This can be done. You have to put in the time, effort and maybe even some money to make sure that you thoroughly address the needs of your visitors.

3.Advertise in a ‘non-spammy’ way

When you are posting blog posts, make sure that you are not just pushing ads to the readers. It will make your blog look like a giant spam-blog. It is just bad for your online branding. If you want to truly engage the reader, you have to use content that meets a deep need and then leads them to the Amazon product that you are trying to push. Any other way would be hit-or-miss, and you would just need to have a huge amount of traffic for you to convert that. It is better to use a rifle shot than to use a shotgun approach.

After all, you need traffic on your blog. Don’t just add product review after product review. Give also some information for your niche. Recently, Spencer Haws has started a niche site publicly. He got it to number one for his targeted keyword in 62 days. His site makes about $400 at this time but I’m sure it will make much more in future. Have a look at his program on how to choose the right keyword. You can learn about this here at the Academy along with other things but if you really want to focus on niche sites and targeting the right keyword, you’ll love Spencer’s Course “LongTailClassroom”

Go here to join the Academy or go here to check out Spencer’s LongTailClassroom


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  1. Jimjones says:

    The secret to becoming a successful Amazon affiliate is to have a good product. A good product will undoubtedly drive traffic on itself. just do not forget a good website presentation.

  2. Abinav says:

    Thanks for making such a killer blog. I arrive on here all the time and am floored with the fresh information here! You are great!

  3. john R. says:

    I am not sure where you’re getting your information, however good topic. I needs to spend some time learning much more or figuring out more. Thanks for wonderful information I used to be searching for this information and finally i found it here.

  4. Ramy says:

    Commentluv premium really seems to be a great plugin with all those features. I specially liked the analytics thingy . Thanks for this review because I got to know more about the plugin.

  5. amjad says:

    Great Artice .. I found it so useful for me .. Keep going .. I also Blog IT in my own blog search You Are Such A Computer Guy !

  6. amjad says:

    Great Artice .. I found it so useful for me .. Keep going .. I also Blog IT in my own blog search You Are Such A Computer Guy ! search me on google

  7. amjad says:

    Nice Article .. It’s so true about the non pushing Ads point 🙂

  8. Nice post you know ! I love Amazon Affiliate and still making money with this

  9. says:

    Thank you. i was try amazon in my another blog, but until now is not so exciting for the earning.

  10. Catherine says:

    hey nice stuff monja,

    I too use Amazon affiliate program and really happy with it as we can easily get sales for amazon products if our visitors follow our recommendations.

  11. Hi.. Nice stuff is here shared by you.I too use Amazon affiliate program and really happy with it

  12. Glenys says:

    The part that I like best about Amazon is the trust factor. It is a site that people simply trust so this is a real plus for Amazon associates.

    Re. Spencer’s niche site project, he has followed it up with a 2nd project in which he coaches a ‘new student’ publicly. The results are just as spectacular.
    Thanks for the post Monja.

  13. Khan says:

    There are no amazon affiliate marketer and we there no access to amazon product. Hope soon i will allow myself to be part of this opportunity.

  14. free says:

    i have the amazon affiliate, what i would like to see is a product link that shows smart choice products for each ip address like the google adsense does

  15. I have never tried amazon affiliated till now. But takes much time to generate sales and commissions are less. Sometimes commission junction plays pretty well. Anyway thanks for article, i definitely would like to try.

  16. Utsav gohil says:

    I have put in £1000’s having amazon . com over the years and also iv never ever received a challenge. We obtain the things usually are seriously identified worthy of the amount of money. In addition to delivery can be lengthy however they usually are usually honest and also permit you to zero a time range pertaining to delivery. Customer satisfaction is great and also the best thing is amazon . com is not hard too recognize and also employ.. my partner and i obtain among 10 — 20 items every thirty days.. I REALLY LIKE THE IDEA they perhaps offer with a sunday!! AMAZING ORGANIZATION.

  17. Ed says:

    Great advise especially the 2nd “know your audiences needs”.
    Also a great tip is “know your competition”

  18. Veronica says:

    Thank you for sharing information about blogging. Keep it up as many people will learn through your blog, and of course including me.

  19. Thanks for the article , very helfull 🙂

  20. Laura Newton says:

    So glad to find this article. At least now I have an idea about affiliates marketing and how to earn from it cause I can’t seem to understand the ways yet.

    Thanks very much.

  21. athar says:

    Monja Thank you so much for sharing this such a nice trick.Amazing Post

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