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May 20, 2013 2 Comments

If you want to build credibility and make money with your blog, you need to write killer blog posts. If you want it to be a successful online brand, you need to write. Writing a blog post is not that hard. All you need to do is to organize your thoughts, come up with a structure for them and then type it out. It is fairly straightforward. However, if you do it that way, then you are just doing what millions of other bloggers do when it comes to the typical blog post. They just type what’s on their minds and put it on their blog and leave it at that. If you want to step your game up and move up the blogging for money food chain, you need to do the following.  The deeper you get into these following steps, the better your blog posts will be and the higher will be the chance that your blog will be a success.

How do you define success with blog posts?

Most people define it by the amount of money a blog makes and the level of popularity it attains. Regardless of how you measure it, use the following tips to get deeper into the blog game so you can step your blog game up several notches.

1.Use infographics

If you use infographics, you have stepped several degrees away from your competition. Most of your competition is lazy. They just want to type words and leave it at that. If you really want to get noticed, invest in a good infographic from or some other website, or, create one yourself. Organize your thoughts and have it expressed in graphical form. People are very visual. They will probably share your blog posts more frequently if the post is tied to an infographic. I’ve bought an infographic from ForFiverr on Fiverr. You can find it in this blog post to have a look at it. My mistake was though to give the creator too much text. Try it yourself, after all it’s just $5.

2.Write to get attention

Most people just write so they can just get stuff off their chest. This is nice if you are just doing your blogging for therapeutic purposes, but if you want every blog post on your blog to make money, you need to step your game up and engage the reader on an emotional basis. People are emotional. They want to be engaged at certain emotional levels. They have fears, doubts and passions. So you have to find an emotional angle with your blog post and make a personal connection. Once you get that, you are more credible because on a conscious level, the reader would say that you know what he/she is going through, and that you understand. When you achieve that and keep repeating that blog that hits that emotional buttons one after the other, you will reach a stage where that person will trust what you recommend later on down the road. That’s where you make serious money. So tell your own stories, tell others how you have struggled before you learned or accomplished whatever your blog is about.

3.Blog to network

Most bloggers look at their blogs as ‘stand alone’ websites. It’s just their blog against the world. If you blog this way, you are basically missing the boat. You are not sitting on a lonely island. A Blog is really a social media tool. It is like Facebook and Twitter. It has all that social power. You just have to connect it with the right resources such as Twitter, Facebook and most importantly, other blogs in your niche. If you are social and network with your blog, your blog will grow. It is just a question of time.

Writing is, after all, about practicing. Just when you write you will get better at this. I usually wrote one post per week or sometimes even per month because I put so much pressure on myself that it had to be the next best piece of content ever written. Reading other’s blogs where people talk about writing epic shit really don’t help much either. It just puts even more pressure on you. So although you want to be social you first need to practice and don’t worry too much what others think. If your post is helpful and addresses one problem in-depth people will be happy. And sometimes they just want an answer and not a 5,000 words blog post.

Don’t judge yourself too hard, just do it and you’ll see what your audience responds to.

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