How to Get your First 1000 Email Subscribers When Nobody Knows You

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email-subscribersEveryone (including me) seems to give you tips what to do with your users, how to tread your users and how to make them happy. But what if you are just at the beginning, just starting out? Then there is no list you can Email, no discussion your can start. And we all have been in that situation when we just started out. Nobody around, just talking to ourselves. If not for that money, that is what we write a blog for – to give an opinion and to talk to people.

When it comes down to making money online, building a list pretty much beats all other methods of online money making, hands down. It is completely automated. You just go to Aweber and follow their tutorials to set up a web form. When people sign up, you just send them messages whenever you want, wherever you want. If you have enough people on your list, sending an email is more or less a guarantee for making money with whatever you have to offer (of course don’t spam your subscribers!). The downside to all these is that it takes time to build a huge mailing list. Remember, making money through a mailing list is really a numbers game. For you to get 10 sales a day, you probably need to have a mailing list that is composed of several thousand people. This is because not everybody opens their emails. Of those people who open their email, not everybody will click and buy. And then, you also can’t send out emails daily or your subscribers will be quickly fed up with you. You have to have a huge number to work with at the beginning for you to get that small but powerful amount that will produce quite a decent daily income for you. That is the secret of mailing list marketing. However, how do you get your first 1000 email subscribers when nobody knows you? Use the following tips to get quick 1000 email subscribers base going.

1.The power of free

When you give away free stuff, you’ll make people happy because they love freebies. The great thing about this is that digital free stuff is easy to make. Make something people in your niche can’t resist. Put all your love into this product. If people get something really valuable they usually would have to pay for they won’t resist your offer when you suggest them to buy your product. After all, if they got something great free, how great will be the product they can buy? Free will definitely pay off – in the number of subscribers, the relationship to your users and last but not least when you finally have something to offer.

2.Promote through credibility

Go to online forums or Facebook groups and mingle. Make sure that you don’t come off as a spammer.  Develop a reputation as a knowledgeable person with valuable information to share. In other words, become a resource to the community. The more people trust you, the more people will believe what you have to say, this will lead to more people clicking on links that you share and those in your signature. Again, use tip no. 1. Give away freebies people can’t resist and you’ll deepen your relationship to them.

3.Don’t spam your list

Many people have this misunderstanding that once they have thousands of people on their list, they can just send ads daily. This will kill your list. This will destroy the responsiveness of your list. Instead of sending spam, send them information, stuff that meets a need and builds credibility of your list. Once you do this, then you can send ads a little bit more frequently. However, you must always maintain your list credibility or else your list will no longer be an asset but a liability. Your list is one of your company’s most valuable property. Treat your people like this.

4. Be consistent

One of the reasons why people start an online business is because it is really cheap to set up. You get some hosting and a domain name from Bluehost for just a few bucks every month and click install to set up your blog. That’s it. I even show you how when you sign up here for the newsletter. But then comes the hard part. Filling your site with life, and with life I mean content, content and more content because that is what the Internet is all about. Read more about that here. If you really want to crush it, you need to stick to your blog. The more you do, the faster you get where you want. Obviously, posting once per week will result in less visitor number than updating your site fife times a day or ten. The more you add, the faster you are where you want to be, that’s no secret.

5. Join conversations

Choose one social media platform you like. It doesn’t matter if it is Pinterest or Twitter, just choose what you like to explore for now. Then try to get in touch with people. On Facebook, like other pages, respond to other people, add your own value to conversations, like other’s posts. On Twitter join conversations, retweet others, and send them a message by adding the @TwitterName to your Tweet. This way you get in touch with people. I can’t say that often enough – be consistent. Joining one conversation, one time won’t make you a Twitter star overnight anyone wants to follow. It goes back to tip #2 – be a resource to your community.

6. Let others know about you

It is also well invested time when you get in touch with other big names of your niche. For example, when you have a crafts blog where you share tips about how to do this or that decoration, try to get in touch with the big names. Don’t just email them and ask them to promote you. They get 100s of these emails every week. Be more creative. Ask if you can guest post, ask if they have a valuable tip to share or ask them about their favorite decoration. When you e.g. create such a list post on your blog and you have let’s say 50 great resources from those with big blogs in your market, they might link back to you to give their members the valuable resource you created. Even if not – at least they have heard from you and you will stick in their mind because you are not just another spammer, you are someone who asks for their opinion.

I know these are not the “secrets” you might have hoped for but it is the truth. It’s all about consistency and building a relationship. If you can do that, you can have a business online.

If you need help sticking to this plan and if you like to learn more details, please consider joining the Living For Mondays Academy, I’ll hold your hand along the way.




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