Effective link building strategies after Penguin

May 23, 2013 5 Comments

The Google Penguin update really revolutionized link building. Link building used to be fairly straight forward before Penguin. You just had to find any website that allowed you to build links without any editorial control and you built your link targeting the same keyword anchor and the same page on your website and all of a sudden you have all these traffic from search engines.Those were the good old days, after Google Penguin things are no longer that easy. If you really think about it, things are still easy, it’s just the Google Penguin just put one hoop you need to jump through for you to get all these yummy search engine traffic from Google and other places. That hurdle of course is everybody knows is that you have to vary or diversify your anchor texts and find websites related to your topic/niche. The more targeted your link building is, the better. So instead of throwing your link at every forum on your finger tips you rather find forums related to your niche and start posting there aka helping other people. Or you find blogs related to your niche and leave quality comments rather than copy and paste the same comment to the similar sites over and over again.

That’s it! You have to basically make your back link footprint look as natural as possible. Google is not dumb; it knows that people link to certain websites in a random way. They don’t all link using certain keywords or a small range of keywords. So, they just factored that simple observation into their algorithm and Penguin is the result. What is really troubling is what will happen to link building after Penguin. Penguin is just going to get smarter; it’s going to look at the actual of websites sending the links and make judgment calls based on that information. So, effective link building strategies after Penguin have to confront these facts. So follow these steps to prosecute effective link building strategies after Penguin.

 Link Building Strategies after Penguin

1) Focus on quality sources

The quality of people who refer you tell people a lot about your character. So if scum bags and dirt bags are keep referring to you chances are that you are probably going to be a scam bag or a dirt bag, birds of a same feather after all flock together. Google will probably use that same analysis for determining the quality of links. Don’t build links on website that are shady or scummy, in other words don’t build links on website that don’t have any editorial control. When I focus a blog post on a certain keyword I usually use Market Samurai. It shows me my competitors, the links and anchor texts my competitors use and also content using that keyword where I can leave a comment or participate. A HUGE time saver.

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2) Content based links will win

Content skiing, that’s never failed to stop being true, that will always be true. Content drives the Internet, so use quality contents to build links, this means build using guest posts on quality blogs with page rank to link back to your site. Build relationships with these sites.

3) Don’t try to trick

When you build a website, a business actually, you should never be done with link building. As much as a brick and mortar store never stops advertising you shouldn’t do that as well. After all, link building is just that, advertising. Leave links where they fit, e.g. in related threads in forums or when you have something of value to share on other blogs. There are many possibilities of link building but it’s a long term thing, you do it for nearly each blog post. Share, like, pin and tweet your articles and you’ll have a diversified link profile.
However, don’t try to cheat in the game. It’s simply not worth it because sooner or later Google will catch you. Don’t buy 1000s of links for $5 all with the same anchor text (that is very important as well, diversify the anchor text!), try to do it naturally, add maybe 2-3 links per day to different blogposts with different anchor texts.
With time, so-called “White Hat SEO” will pay off while Black Hat techniques never have in the long-run.
If you are serious about link building to your website, get Market Samurai which will help you with that tremendously.

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  1. Harman says:

    Well Monja, i got a ques for you. I got most of my websites Panda or Penguin hitted and now i got a fresh domain. Its very difficult for a fresh domain to gain authority even though if i publish quality articles. So which kind of link building i need to do?

  2. Thomas says:

    Hi Monja, I agree post penguin update it has to be relevance and quality all the way. Not only that but relevant drink drive actual traffic.

    I noticed you are recommending Market Samurai, do you find it is much easier to find great keyword phrases using that rather than the GKT?

    • Monja says:

      Hi Thomas,
      Yes, I truly love Market Samurai and yes, I think it´s better as the GKT because it gives you all information at once and helps you to save a lot of time. If into nothing else I’d invest into this tool 🙂 Let me know if I can help any further.

  3. Thomas says:

    Thanks for this feedback Monja, and cheers I just downloaded your free affiliate pdf.

    It looks like it’s packed with interesting information. Hat’s off to you for quitting your job in 2011 🙂

  4. Amal Rafeeq says:

    Wow, I was searching for a link building guide on the web and I found something much more valuable. Thanks a lot 🙂

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